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  1. Can headlights be turned completely off while driving in the day?

    In most modern vehicles, even if you leave the vehicle headlights in the "on" position, they will automatically turn off after some preset time when you turn the vehicle off. It's not like the old days where you leave your headlights on and the battery is going to run down.
  2. Bronco Heritage Fender Badge Preview

    @Rickperry any status updates you can give those us that are interested. It seems that you got a pretty high interest from this thread. Are you planning on producing these and selling? If so, any estimate of timing and pricing? As the former governor of Texas and the past Secretary of...
  3. Any of those that have received their Bronco, shown under the hood pics?

    Just curious what the under the hood looked line on finished production models. Did Ford put the obligatory plastic engine cover or did they leave it a mess of hoses and cables as we have seen in the pre-production models?
  4. Perimeter Alarm? Is it a myth or real?

    Useless... How many of you have called 911 when you hear someone's car alarm going off? How many of you have even gone to check out a vehicle who's car alarm is going off? How many of you, when hearing someone's car alarm going off, just wish it would stop?
  5. Bronco Sport for Sale at Chevrolet Dealership

    Owner put 890 miles on it and when his co-workers pointed out that it wasn't a real Bronco, he sold it.
  6. Anyone else here an early 2021 order?

    Not a bullshit had bullshit expectations.
  7. Anyone else here an early 2021 order?

    What sort of fantasyland do you live in that you thought that reserving and ordering in March that you would get your Bronco 5 months later? Hope your boat's a john-boat, given the Bronco's towing capacity.
  8. Now with Pole: How Far Are You Traveling to Get a Bronco???

    How far is she traveling to get her Bronco?
  9. Full PPF wrapped my entire Bronco First Edition !

    Why would you get the MIC top wrapped? I don't think it would even adhere.
  10. Disconnect antenna from roll bar?

    Pretty sure that's the satellite antenna for satellite radio and over the air map and system updates. It may also house the extended cellular antenna. Why would you want to disable it?
  11. Koverz Console / Armrest Cover For 2021 Bronco - Coming Soon!

    Looks like a neoprene slip cover. Is it basically?
  12. Tuesday is rez nite anniversary; how will you celebrate?

    Headed to the MLB All Star game this evening!!
  13. Wildtrak 2.7L Sasquatch Lux Leather Tow Review and Build Thread

    The WT didn't come standard with the bull bar or the side decals, so why did you order them if you're removing them?
  14. My Bronco is at my dealer…

    They sure are. I was by there on Monday and they let me drive your Bronco. I only took it out for about an hour. Noticed there was a whistle come from the drivers side mirror. You should probably get that checked out. ;)
  15. New rims for Bronco - Fuel Covert D716 wheels

    The new ones that come with it, aren't good enough?
  16. orders with 2 dealers

    Ah, Canada! I'm pretty sure that Canadians are not allowed to switch their reservation to other dealers. You are stuck with the dealer you initially chose.
  17. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    1979 called and wants its tires back.
  18. Free Hardtop Prep Kit - FordPass Reward Points

    Let me see. You ordered a soft top knowing that it didn't come with hook-ups for wiper and washer fluid. So when Ford is trying to incentivize people who don't have build dates yet, that ordered a MIC top, to switch to a soft top with the prep package, you think you should get the prep package...