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  1. Toyota publishes "All you need to know" 4Runner vs Bronco comparison video

    You that you mention it...I'm not sure I can unsee it, but I'm ok with that. I'd drive and FJ if the Bronco wasn't an option. I'm pretty bent on a Bronco though. I've loved em ever since I was a kid.
  2. Extended Warranty For Bronco

    I'm quite aware of how insurance works. You don't need to explain it to me. Get the minimum amount of insurance. Get into an accident and get sued. Experience that anxiety and then tell me insurance isn't worth it. Hopefully you never need it, but I'd rather pay the money and know I'm not...
  3. Extended Warranty For Bronco

    Getting the minimum required amount of insurance is terrible advice. In WV, the min amount is 25k property 50k per claim. Get into a car accident with just about any vehicle and you are going to max the policy very quickly. Then you either have to sue or get sued. Buy the most insurance you...
  4. Bronco for sale...

    I reckon I could drive that till the wheels fell off.
  5. Share Your Test Drives Impressions!

    Nice! It's probably going to be a while before I get to drive one, so I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!
  6. Do I need the tow package?

    Same boat as you, and I think you need to get the tow package to get a receiver.
  7. Share Your Test Drives Impressions!

    How did it handle compared to your Edge? Did it generally stay in it's lane or did it need constant input? Was the steering tight or kind of like steering a boat?
  8. How Much Wiggle room do you think Dealers will give us with final pricing?

    It's been known on here for months that some dealerships are doing invoice and/or below. You don't really have to look hard to find them. If you've been on these forums for a while and you don't know about them, you haven't been paying attention.
  9. 33's tires fit Big Bend! As tested on my 2021 Bronco

    Can't trust math. Numbers are too wishy-washy. We must rely on knee-jerk reactions, speculation, and fear.
  10. Revisiting B&O

    I feel like you guys just had a connection. Heart warming. Memorable. 👍
  11. Stark Realization!

    At this juncture, I'd say it's still safe bet that 99% of the time when someone tells you they saw a Bronco it is likely a Sport or a vintage one.
  12. Explorer Timberline B&P up, now shows Forged Green

    I like the Timberline, but I wish you could get the 2.7 in it as an option. Also, is forged green exclusive to the Timberline or is this the green we can expect on the Bronco? Forged green is OK, but I dig the emerald green color much more. It just has more energy to it.
  13. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Ford I'll have to wait and see what the price increase is if the price protection doesn't extend to a change in trim levels. I initially reserved a Big Bend, but I'm looking at a BD or OBX now that more information is available at to what the trim levels are. If they bump the price...
  14. Recent Ford announcement

    I think the dealer "floor models" got built first.
  15. 10R60 Automatic Transmission Specs / Gear Ratios in 2021 Bronco

    Get out of here with your "facts." How can we continue our full blown panic with you doing that?
  16. Photo Request: Undercarriage Skid Plates (Not Bandlands or Black Diamond)

    I'd probably take it all off to be honest. Outside of the weekends it'll be a daily driver. I'm not a great motorist, but I'm not bad enough that I need to worry about undercarriage damage on my commute. 😂😂😂
  17. Photo Request: Undercarriage Skid Plates (Not Bandlands or Black Diamond)

    That's where I am too. The Black Diamond is basically everything I want, but I am not going to be rock crawling. Not even sure if there is any place near me to rock crawl even if I wanted to. I'd prefer to have the extra payload to carry more gear, beer, and people. I know the OBX is a...
  18. Ford should offer 0% Financing for 60 months

    Just so I know to...uh.... not go to those places. Where do you get sweaty titty cash..
  19. Official EPA MPG Mileage for 2021 Bronco posted on

    So, can we assume that real world numbers are going to be less than this? So, the 2.7 getting combined 19 will be more like 17 combined?