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  1. Manual transmission

    Didn't know you could make a Transit that expensive.
  2. Manual transmission

    They can fit 35s too with some work LOL
  3. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    Kind of the opposite of a dealbreaker, but I'd be rad if gearing were a choice from the factory like on the pickups.
  4. just maybe..... closest 2 door Bronco render yet?

    This is the quality content I come here for.
  5. Memorial Weekend Fun In Colorado

    Weather is nice here in Oregon too.
  6. Is having a spare tire on the back rear door simply a styling trend?

    Beyond tire size, there's also the real life possibility of getting a flat on a trail in a spot where it's a royal PITA to get the tire out from under the truck. Been there...
  7. Bronco Raptor availability upon release

    Why are you assuming they won't have an off-road credible, capable trim that's not the Raptor?
  8. he's right.....

    I can be happy with my Tacoma for 3 more years, no sweat. If you need a car soon, buy what's available.
  9. Starting to like Mondays!

    Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed.
  10. Given it is too late for anything to change, but we don't know what is there.....

    I dunno dude, I'd say least upgrade from the vacuum tube radio to the transistor radio. But if you really need that analog tube warmth, I get it.
  11. Electric Hummer teaser

    Yeah solar isn't gonna be even close to worth it for charging an electric truck.
  12. Electric Hummer teaser

    Electric off-road sounds fantastic. A motor per wheel means no more differentials, no more lockers. 400 mile range on the Rivians seems like plenty for most trips too. Obviously it doesn't work for the overland guys, but for many other off-road purposes it seems pretty sweet.
  13. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    Got those on my Taco right now, they've been terrific here in the PNW.
  14. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    I'm pretty sure those were leaked years ago. At least it feels like it.
  15. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    Yeah, I suppose snow has a very different definition based on where you live. I'll be happy with either, though I'd prefer the front locker.
  16. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    That front bumper looks like it accepts a winch.
  17. Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    Front torsen is great in many conditions, but not that great in snow. Hoping that front locker is an option too.