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  1. Where to find aftermarket black steelies and 33's - Base

    Our Badlands with the std wheels that I really like but have been thinking about a set of dedicated offroad rims and the Black Diamond ones are the cheap option (also thinking lighter to run a slightly taller 34in M/T that will be heavier to balance it out alittle) with Method trail lock rims as...
  2. Sand Goat Mode in water is impressive!

    At first I was like ok...pulled a jetski out of the water...then I realized that is not the boat ramp that is the beach. Glad you got it out with no issues. That is nice to know it has enough ability to put down power without digging itself to the frame.
  3. Winch solutions

    I totally figured it was a place holder non-specific stock photo.
  4. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    Thanks Ross, appreciate the time you provide to update us needy b!ches. Glad you got some open air time with the kiddo.
  5. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Mine just says "ASN" assuming that means waiting for assignment. But cool...another thing to check.
  6. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    I bet those are damn nice with that 3 way component. Just more than I wanted to spend and then the snowball of well...I am getting damn nice speakers....need to step up the power
  7. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    I posted my exact setup above, all in probably around $700. I am not planning on adding another amp at this time. Worst case I will get a signal processor and add a 4chan amp if it is lacking badly but I think the factory unit will power the speakers just fine for my needs. With the wiring...
  8. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    Front dash and rear pods are JL Audio C1-400x so two sets. JL Audio C1 400x Front kick panels JL Audio C1-650x JL Audio C1 650x Kicker HS10 Hideaway sub and amp (10in sub and 150w RMS amp). Kicker HS10 -----Was VERY tempted and torn between the C1-650x and the C1-650 components. JL Audio C1 650
  9. Winch solutions

    At this point I would like something like the Bronco Bastards plate...although would like to have a place to mount the fairlead but I guess I could just sam-ich one between the winch and plate. Bronco_Bastards
  10. How long have you been a Bronco6g user?

    I have been watching the site for a couple of years prior to joining. I found the old sticky thread that is now gone with the guy who was giving updates on the development. I checked the site every few months for updates.
  11. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    plan to post a thread on my install. Will be the first thing I do when I get the Bronco home. Already have the replacements for the other factory speakers as well.
  12. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    I ordered a Kicker HS10 10in hideaway and it was delivered yesterday. I plan to mount it to the side of the rear cargo area. It is a tough setup. the entire box is metal, with a decent speaker grill. Super could probably mount it under the passenger seat assuming there is enough...
  13. Winch solutions

    I dont have the front camera, I just want a winch plate that works with the factory mod bumper. Hopefully one is available shortly.
  14. Bronco6G Acronym/Saying Decoder Ring

    I have always thought the 78-79 Bronco was a full size as well.
  15. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    I have said before I am getting impatient and working in dialing back my responses based on the frustration of this roll out. I think I am done venting on the site...breath. I want to be clear in that I am not pointing anything at the OP...not wanting to tag him in adding to his mess of...
  16. Have you named your Bronco yet?

    Not big on naming cars...calling them names is a different story. That said, we lost our 2.5yr old pup in late April to a sudden seizure. Thinking about naming it after the little guy.
  17. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    Agreed. Ford wont come out and say we are F'd. Ford does have a fairly limited number it needs right now though. They have already basically said no more hardtops with the soft tops getting the hardtop plumbing/wiring or at the very least reading between the lines hard tops going forward...
  18. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    Thank you PREMiERdrum for passing along the info. I find myself going down the negative Nancy but not quite Karen level of despair as one of the builds from last week stuck in QC. @PREMiERdrum I second the question of is there any plan of attack for the backlog of built units stuck in QC? I...
  19. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    Thanks for the video TFL. I can't wait to get my badlands on the trail in CO...well...hope my bronco gets out of QC and delivered by then. I think in the video they made the comment that Tommy was taking a different line inpart due to the wider Bronco and because the 35's let him. You see at...