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  1. NM Dealerships

    Thanks. Will have to head over there this weekend.
  2. NM Dealerships

    Thanks for the update. I noticed they had one in their online new inventory now. Are they offering test drives?
  3. Just got my Ford Folding Tailgate Table

    I received mine also and it is in good shape right out of the box. That said, seems flimsy just as several have said. Might be better than nothing, but of course I can't say how it performs or how easy/hard it is to install until Ford builds my dang Bronco :ROFLMAO: Nice hack! I may steal...
  4. A Thank You from Albert's Family

    Many thanks for sharing this, @[email protected] Every time I think of Albert, I go back to my few but meaningful conversations with him and remember that each time, he spoke repeatedly of two main things in his personal life: his connection to Iowa and his desire to spend more time with his family...
  5. I don’t want to worry 2DR buyers but this doesn’t look good.

    I made my own damned soft top for my early Bronco. I would be ecstatic if Ford just said, "Hey, can we ship that top to your local dealer when it's ready? Meanwhile, here's you topless two-door."
  6. Albert Schmitz Memorial Fund

    Wanted to update that the Albert tribute items are still selling this morning! I added the "regional" designs late yesterday evening and didn't really publicize them. Yet a handful of orders have already come in, including one just now for 20 stickers from a super bueno shopper in Missouri :)...
  7. I don’t want to worry 2DR buyers but this doesn’t look good.

    They absolutely MUST make the soft top offer to 2-door orders. NOW.
  8. Albert Schmitz Memorial Fund

    Here's what the group looks like:
  9. Albert Schmitz Memorial Fund

    I can but unfortunately I will have to post them separately, due to the way RedBubble handles custom stickers. I can't upload them as a single sheet with six pre-cut round stickers. That obviously will drive the cost up for anyone who wants to buy more than one region. I apologize if it seems...
  10. Albert Schmitz Memorial Fund

    I am updating the totals in my sig. Still a few coming in this morning.
  11. Is anyone debadging or rebadging their Bronco?

    I redid my 1974 vintage Bronco with the matte black Bronco script emblems that are available widely online. I like them a lot and plan to do the same to the Cyber Orange 2-door I ordered. Black on red and black on orange are perfect complementary colors. I think they would look good with CG, too.
  12. One last design for Albert

    I love this sentiment. Like Albert will be riding along with me. Thanks.
  13. Albert Schmitz Memorial Fund

    B6G has so many thoughtful folks and several have contributed already via the RedBubble products. Since posting the design last night around 10:15 p.m., people have purchased 66 stickers, 2 magnets and 4 t-shirts. Royalties so far are at $36.10 and counting. Almost everyone who bought stickers...
  14. One idea to celebrate Albert's life

    GREAT idea. Thanks.
  15. One last design for Albert

    By request, I've added a t-shirt with the design.
  16. One last design for Albert

    @Bronco4lyfe85 is on it :)
  17. One last design for Albert

    Sorry about that. I updated my post, but here is the right link.
  18. One last design for Albert

    Here you go. Full disclosure, which I honestly believe Albert would support based on our conversations: My intention has never been to make money on designs I made for this forum and I have no plan to alter that policy. I'm lucky enough to not have to do this for a living anymore and just want...
  19. One last design for Albert

    When I talked on the phone with him, he was always humble. He was almost gleeful when talking about meeting us in person during deliveries. He took an interest in who we all are and how we came to be connected to him. Even when we discussed the many ugly, angry calls he took and emails he...