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  1. vrtical

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    @Fatdaddy same went Two Rivers none in Knox area are worth a shit.
  2. Bronco Email 7/30/2021 -- Is this a sick, cruel joke Ford?

    At least this one went to my junk mail folder :ROFLMAO:
  3. Check out what Ford delivered to me a few days ago!

    I was shocked mine wasnt bent in 1/2 stuff in the mailbox.
  4. MAP insider?

    MAP employees hide in the shadows of B6G.
  5. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    I haven't jumped off MIC yet, but I wish Ford would just stick a fork in it then I will have no problem changing my order to softtop and move on for future options, but until that happens I am standing my ground and not lose out on whatever new flavor of bribery Ford offers.
  6. What's your tipping point?

    2022 Ranger will become an option.
  7. Ford shows off Bronco R build (Brick Style) - Lego Set

    I have this set, got it off Walmart early release.
  8. Rear gate issues - tailgate metal is buckling / dented / deformed ???

    sure looks like something bashed that tire.
  9. I was told I’m no longer scheduled…..

    Only way is a priority build jump to the front of the line.
  10. Mach-E driver's panicked search stops four times on 200-mile trip looking for charging station

    I thought this was cool, but there needs to be better widely adopted standards reminds me of beta vs vhs days or maybe laser disks. There is more cross platform availability, but I think there are limitations on the "FAST" charge side of the fence. I also want to add that battery technology...
  11. No Bronco Scheduling Week of 7/26

    Well at least they found some paper got this today 😂
  12. Big Bend on 37s…Race to 40s still on! 🤠

    For an off road shop, that thing isnt going to last off road.
  13. Ford’s Expectations for Better Full-Year 2021 Operating Results

    It seems a bit odd to raise earnings guidance when revenue is shrinking. The new fuzzy accounting math we will use projected reservations.
  14. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    Dealer stock will make dealers happy the rest maybe not soo much.
  15. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    I get a bad taste in my mouth when I hear fluid now. Thanks for the update and information that Ford should be communicating at least to order holders, I wish they would change their black hole strategy.
  16. Updated 7/29 [Engine Seized, Full Replacement Under Warranty] My Bronco shut down after sand dunes run

    Kinda shocking a 2.7 seized up specially after a break in period. My guess is its cam phaser related (bad part failure). The 2.7 is not a design flaw unlike the 5.2 lol
  17. Dealer wants $500 for each beauty ring for the new bronco

    yup getting mine color changed the same way.
  18. Clutch issue in new Bronco Badlands (Updated)

    If its TB related like I said its going to cause the clutch disk to get trashed which will cause clutch chatter. Its almost mandatory to change the disk, but either way this is all a warranty issue and needs to be addressed.