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  1. Bronco Sport FE reservation sold $11,100 ebay

    I seem to recall Ford saying early on that reservations wouldn’t transfer
  2. Vaughn Gittin rock crawling in Moab with Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 4-door

    Is that the 2.7? Actually sounds pretty dang good.
  3. Wheels and tires Question

    You’ve got good friends though!
  4. Bronco RTR Details and Close Up with Vaughn Gittin Jr

    The way the tire carrier swings WITH the tailgate is extremely well thought out. Does appear that it might reduce opening angle slightly but I think it’s a minor concession and totally beats having to open then separately.
  5. Wheels and tires Question

    From what I’ve seen the Bronco is going to be a 6x139.7 which is actually the Chevy/Toyota lug spacing and I believe the F150 runs a 6x135. Sorry.
  6. A Note to the 2-Door Brigade: We Get It Already!!!

    All valid points but when I got to the 3’10” comment I couldn’t help but imagine this guy flipping you off from his 2 door...🤣
  7. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    Biggest land mass city in the country with at least half a dozen large dealers and we don’t get a single showing. This wedding is horse shit.
  8. 📷: For the Bronco Ladies and Bronco Wives: Step up in the Velocity Blue Wildtrak

    As much as I like the grab handles integrated into the dash I would have preferred them to be up in the a pillar. My Tundra has them there and I love them.
  9. To those that get your Bronco this summer...

    “I appreciate your initial offer. My counterproposal: I'll watch your videos and hit the "skip ad" button as soon as it pops-up.” The second most honest reply on this thread 🤣
  10. Outer Banks Interior Tour | Roast with Black Onyx UP CLOSE

    The brown looks really nice! Wish it was available in MGV.
  11. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    I think he was referring specifically to the window itself which has to be completely removed unlike a Jeep where it can be rolled .up or the hardtop which hinges.
  12. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    Nevermind. I’m a dumbass.
  13. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    That would totally make sense except they don’t show manual as available on the base model. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    Why does the 2 door cost $1400 more than the 4 door to ‘squatch?
  15. Toyota brethren

    Can’t speak to the long term but I test drove a Ranger to get a feel for the 2.3 since I want a manual and I came away very impressed. I didn’t really hammer it but in normal driving and in that package it felt comparable to my 5.7 Tundra. I’ve never driven the Toyota 3.5 but I’ve read plenty of...
  16. Not sure if anyone has seen this post by Motortrend

    I think 14 is better than my father-in-law’s bone stock 99 Wrangler 4.0 5 speed gets 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. Your first Bronco, or repeat offender?

    Would be my first Bronco but not my first open air Ford (sort of). Wish the Bronco sounded like this one did..
  18. Is the Bronco already obsolete ?

    If electric was really the way they wouldn’t need to force it on us. They want to limit our range and freedom so vehicles with limited range are one part of that equation. And there is nothing “green” about batteries.
  19. 2-door storage area pic (seats up + tailgate closed) has me reconsidering

    🤣 My wife and I also use bodies as a unit of measurement for storage. Lots of practical applications and it’s fun to see salesmen’s faces when you start rationalizing how they would fit wether in pieces or intact.