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  1. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    85% of this forum is subjective.
  2. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    you don’t know how to buy a vehicle. I paid invoice for my gen1 and gen2. Just sold my gen2 and made 4K and it was 2.5 years old with 13k miles. I have a 2021 on order at sticker. Only reason I could not get the 2021 at invoice is because of the chip shortage. Btw I have 2 reservations for a...
  3. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    buy a raptor and you will get everything you will ever want and then some.
  4. Stranded Land Rover Defender!

    I like that kid. (y)
  5. Ford or FWP side steps?

    this thread has a video and at 7:00 you see him plugging it into the obd port >>
  6. Army Green 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak (Wrap)

    Looks GREAT! Thank you for sharing.
  7. Ford Ordering system issues?

    you will not get a 2021 so you should not worry about it. You may not even get a 2022.
  8. Ford Ordering system issues?

    see the schedule here >>
  9. Ford or FWP side steps?

    power steps are an oem option on the F150 and I have them on my wife's lariat. 3.5 years running and no issues. When they come from the factory, they are hard wired into the center cluster/menu. there are 2 issues here: - isn't the bronco on a new platform? In others words, the current Ranger...
  10. Ford or FWP side steps?

    agreed. I scheduled a test drive for my wife 3 days ago and it had the oem side step. If you look at them from the outside, it looks big enough. BUT if you are inside and attempt to use them when exiting the bronco, they are unusually small because they way they are tucked under the door.
  11. HELP! What to do: Damaged Windshield when Delivered to Dealer?

    THIS! You can refuse delivery until it is fixed.
  12. 2021 Bronco headlights are VERY GOOD! Video look at high beams and low beams in action

    I don't think you can change the color. You can def dim it.
  13. 2021 Bronco headlights are VERY GOOD! Video look at high beams and low beams in action

    I can't stand a vehicle with bad headlights and have sold vehicles just for this reason alone. Thank GOD the Bronco has good headlights. Please note this is a Wiltrak I am referring to. See video below at the 2:20 mark. It shows high beams and low beams.
  14. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    99% of the new hummer owners will never take it off-road so it should not be a problem. Because Who in the hell would take a 9000 pound ev off-road?
  15. What is the best way (not cheapest way) to lift your Bronco?

    taller springs will change the travel of the oem shock and put it at a different height. If money is not a concern then aftermarket coil overs is the best way to go. Aftermarket coil overs will allow you to set whatever height you want … most likely from 1-3 inches
  16. Making order changes for 2022MY Bronco?

    I think if you are not scheduled by 9/13 then you are getting a 2022. Granger mentioned in one of their threads that any customer that does not get a 2021 will have to resubmit their order in 2022. This makes sense as your order is in the system as a 2021.
  17. Making order changes for 2022MY Bronco?

    from this post >> 2022MY Bronco order acceptance, scheduling and production dates have just been released. As always, these dates are subject to change. 2022...
  18. Mach-E driver's panicked search stops four times on 200-mile trip looking for charging station

    They do make tesla adpators. You just can't use them at a tesla supercharger location. you can use them at home. For example your neighbor has a tesla charger at home and you can use it to charge your mach-e using the adapter.
  19. Adding Hero Switches after the fact.

    Absolutely not feasible. You WILL spend a lot more $$ than just buying it.