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  1. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom he's the wiki leaks of Bronco' it. I was thinking the Significant other may have been the source but I didn't want to draw alot of attention...we know (or don't know) what happened to stig!
  2. Panda Motorworks Catch Can Kit Prototype Headed to Production!

    I'm far from an expert on these, but one idea may be that catch cans require maintenance or they become problematic. So burning a little bit of sludge all throughout the lifetime, versus risking a customer not emptying a catch can and having all that sludge accumulate maybe a liability.
  3. Tomball Ford wrecks customers car

    I don't know, maybe this is something that California got right (hard to believe). But I've been in a couple of accidents in recent years that were not my fault. I call my insurance company and have the car repaired. Then my insurance goes after the other person. I pay my deductible up front...
  4. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    Like most I've been following his post to stay well informed. But through those, it also seems to be clear that unless he has 14 jobs, Ford is not one of them. So I have to ask, how is someone who doesn't even work for Ford have so much insight? Or are we not supposed to talk about fight club?
  5. Rear gate issues - tailgate metal is buckling / dented / deformed ???

    Oh that suck...even more so because I would be surprised if warranty covers this because unless they somehow find that it's a structural issue (which I would think would take dealer effort they probably don't have), it "obviously" happened do to impact and call your insurance.
  6. Mach-E driver's panicked search stops four times on 200-mile trip looking for charging station

    Jist think about the Wrangler 4xE.... They're going to have to put a charging station every 3 miles on the Rubicon ;)
  7. Wildtrack soft top

    Incorrect. Many ( if not most) of us selected our Bronco trims because of the interior color choices. So feature wise, yeah I can get all the features. But I don't want an ugly ass navy blue or odd 70's brown interior. The BB is the only other trim that uses the same interior scheme (sans the...
  8. 4wheelparts (4WP) skid plates look good

    yeah correct. So for me to get proper protection on any trim other than BD or BL, we have to buy Rock Rails ($400-900), then Skid Plates ($1000-2000)... And I haven't even gotten to the front bumper yet at another $1,500-$2000 (for a winch capable) starting to think twice about wanting to keep...
  9. *UPDATE* What NOT TO DO when reinstalling doors. PSA: put a bolt in first or risk dent

    Wow... I'm surprised they went backwards. Yeah check out this short video...what a PITA
  10. Wildtrack soft top

    This question is being asked over and over again, and surprisingly so far there have been no answers. It seems like there's actually no reason that Ford can't offer the soft top. We even see dealer demos with soft tops. But since that option doesn't exist for us, there must be some internal...
  11. Ford has new painted MOD top supplier for Bronco after Webasto loses contract

    How could any company stay in business with 50% of their product being wasted? The only way would be to double the price. If this were true, I could see them shutting down until the % got better. You can't exist that way, especially with supply shortages.
  12. Updated 7/29 [Engine Seized, Full Replacement Under Warranty] My Bronco shut down after sand dunes run

    Lol..omg, I've never seen that but how could anyone have thought that was a good idea. If you've ever had to pull a head off because your head gasket leaked coolant you'd know the answer on how to clean carbon off.
  13. 4wheelparts (4WP) skid plates look good

    That was just looking up to see what I could find for aftermarket skid plates. I'm not talking just the front one I'm talking the underbelly protection. Ran across a Ford parts site that was selling the heavy duty skid plates that you can option And they wanted almost $2k! Are skid plates...
  14. California 4WP Side Steps (4 Door) available

    Okay, I saw those six shiny new bolts in your pinch seam and thought you had to drill them. I like the look, but I just really need actual sliders and not just steps.
  15. *UPDATE* What NOT TO DO when reinstalling doors. PSA: put a bolt in first or risk dent

    I recently was watching a video about how to take off Jeep doors. I couldn't believe that you have to pop off your plastic kick panel every time. For something that was designed to take doors off, they didn't make it very easy. How many times can you pop that panel off and on before it starts...
  16. In vehicle door storage bags 🙄

    Yeah so that $350 package includes the doors, but it also includes the top bags. So did you get top bags, for a top you don't have? I mean I'm planning on paying the 350, but if we're getting them for free?
  17. Ford has new painted MOD top supplier for Bronco after Webasto loses contract

    I tend to agree. They're going to probably produce as highest quality MIC as they can for the FE to get them out. But Ford's not going to tell us this, because they'd have a large Exodus of people if they found out they're going be forced to wait till late 2022 or even 2023.
  18. Trail cam for Badlands what Package? High or Lux

    Actually it's not tied to Lux, it's tied to the built-in navigation, At least I would think so. Lux includes the built-in navigation, but for example you can add built-in navigation to multiple trims, And it's a stand-alone.
  19. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    Okay. Will stand by waiting for some answers. Now in your case nothing actually broke, so I would think they could pull some codes and give you your Bronco back? It's not like it wasn't drivable. Several other people are having electronic glitches as well it seems.