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  1. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Who else is checking the pizza tracker, the B6G tracker and the palsapp site at least 10 times a day?
  2. Video - the least informed Bronco salesperson

    Some salespeople are this clueless when that talk to customers and they think customers believe them. Wow.
  3. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I filled it out, will this get me out of Production and into Shipped quicker?
  4. Video - the least informed Bronco salesperson

    Wow, I feel bad for the expectations our boy Troy is setting with his customers. You can have it in the Fall if you come in and order now, has a best roof design and more.
  5. It’s official!

  6. It’s official!

  7. Badlands SAS finally made it!

    Congrats! Great pics.
  8. Pennsylvania Wanted - 4 door rock rails, will pay cash and shipping (or I can drive an get them)

    Yep, they’re not available now, they are not available or even listed on the accessory guide anymore (they used to be) and dealers get this message when they try and order:
  9. Who's a 7/19 build?

    And unless I missed it, haven’t seen any 7/19 week 4 door builds with a MIC top get built or shipped emails yet either (or even updated pizza tracker notifications).
  10. Pennsylvania Wanted - 4 door rock rails, will pay cash and shipping (or I can drive an get them)

    Please DM me or reply, I have. 4 door WildTrak coming soon and want the OE rock rails, thx. Also looking for a steel rear bumper.
  11. *UPDATE* What NOT TO DO when reinstalling doors. PSA: put a bolt in first or risk dent

    Someone else on Facebook just had the same thing happen…
  12. BLACK ICE Build

    Thanks, getting pretty excited and I check the Ford Tracker and the B6G tracker like 5-10 times a day to see if it’s Ready to ship. Dealer said it was built, it shows up in my Ford app so hope that it passes MIC top inspection and gets here soon.
  13. A51 4dr Wildtrak Delivery and Future Build

    Congrats! Keep us posted on how they handle the roof ding.
  14. Built July 22, delivered to dealership July 26

    Did you get any emails about it being built/shipped or did the dealer just call and say ‘it’s here!”?
  15. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I put my vin in palsapp before my blend date and it showed pending, same as it says today, 4 days after being built/produced.
  16. Bronco Off-Site Stockpile Spotted Near Willow Run Airport in Michigan

    @MacDonald_Photo Big ask - can you drive by here every day and give us updates If Broncos are being loaded onto auto haulers from here or if they are just adding more Bronco to this holding lot?
  17. 4WP Parts Fitted Bronco Badlands in Cyber Orange and on 37's

    They’d be even better if the brackets were black. And I am liking the 4WP rear bumper the more I see it.
  18. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I originally was in the Badlands camp up until May 13, then I switched to a WT because I wanted that interior, I also saw an FE and realized I really like the black accents and the body colored door handles better (and knew I could put on some quick disconnects) and luckily got scheduled the...