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  1. Bronco Off-Roadeo 7-Day Reminder/Agenda

    How long are these off rodeo sites going to be up and running?
  2. Parking with the top off...

    The mesh top will only catch the solid poop.
  3. 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak 4-Door Window Sticker (With MPG Ratings)

    And why would the dealer get the tow package?
  4. 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak 4-Door Window Sticker (With MPG Ratings)

    Looks like a range of 353 miles on a full tank. 20.8 gallons X 17mpg.
  5. Would you tow this boat with your Bronco?

    Sell your boat to buy an f-150 to tow your....nevermind, that won't work.
  6. EMAIL “Customer Communication “ Friday

    I'll wait til Tuesday to read my email so it doesn't ruin my weekend. Please be a sport and refrain from posting about the content as I can't stay away from the forums all weekend.
  7. Any Fun Purchases While You Wait for your Bronco?

    Got 4 day VIP passes for "Welcome To Rockville" at Daytona Speedway. This is an overdue honeymoon for the wife. If Bronco is here by then, we'll drive down. If not, flying and renting a Jeep. Hope I don't have to fly...
  8. New Broncos in the Finishing Room at MAP, Posing For Marketing Shoot?

    Here's hoping those pallets stacked in the background are a new shipment of chips and mic tops.
  9. 📷: 4 Door Cyber Orange Outer Banks+MIC in Canada

    That would be a cool back window decal. (I know its a reflection)
  10. April 16...Are we refreshing inbox today?

    I finally got my Ford pass email this morning. Was starting to feel left out...
  11. Cyber Orange in person comparison.

    This is the machine I spend 10 plus hours in a day. The 04 FX4 was my previous truck. I'm cool if the orange is yellow.
  12. For those who haven’t received an email

    My plan is to take daily test drives at my dealer when their demo model comes in. That should pass the time til mine gets delivered.
  13. I checked ford website and it says bronco ordered 3/19/21, BUT IM WAITING UNTIL 2022

    Sounds like more shits than giggles. If you don't want it, I'll take it.
  14. Free Bronco Gear -- First Come, First Served!

    Is that the 1st pic of your shirt with an actual bronco?
  15. Happy National Beer Day.

    Thought everyday was beer day.
  16. Cant bring wife/kids/others to dealer event

    Got a rez for wife and kid. Outside event on the 7th and it's supposed to rain. Wife probably won't go now.
  17. Will this new Ford Bronco be your first Bronco?

    Don't know who or how gene got in there.😀 Gen 6 autocorrect
  18. Will this new Ford Bronco be your first Bronco?

    I'm buying my 1st bronco for sentimental reasons. My dad had a full size '79 and then an eddie Bauer '86. Both dark green. With any luck, I can complete the green bronco trilogy in early '22. Learned to drive a manual in that 86. If you could drive that without stalling, you could drive...
  19. Klink

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    And only 10 minutes from home. Can you tell I'm excited?