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  1. Any one else having this issue? MIC top popping sounds

    There is bound to be many little issues as they hit the public. If you want to avoid them, wait for the '23. The Wrangler has been made and updated constantly and it's still far from perfect. The wise thing to do is never buy the first year but still no one does that. Maybe they should have...
  2. And it continues!

    Let's see,,,, sell it for MSRP or sell it with a $30,000 ADM. That's a tough call.
  3. What's your tipping point?

    I am waiting till they are on the lots. That day will come. It will take a year or two and then some of the bugs will be out and some of it refined. For now, this forum is fun to watch.
  4. Bronco 2.7L issues - CEL codes and airbag warning light

    Sadly, this is just the beginning of these type of threads. The Bronco is a laptop with wheels. I don't recall hearing of any problems with the Bronco's that did any of the testing. Like KOH and all the other off road tests. I don't remember my '70 Bronco ever having a CEL and I beat the crap...
  5. Car and Driver Review: 2021 Bronco Goes Big, Sticks the Landing (w/ tested acceleration & MPG figures)

    There is a reason they didn't show the landing, ya think. As for engine,,, this is what they do. Leave room for more HP in a few years so you can all trade for the better one. How hard would it be to put the 3.5 in there. Then you can get 37's from the factory. I would sell my soul for a 5.0...
  6. Car and Driver Review: 2021 Bronco Goes Big, Sticks the Landing (w/ tested acceleration & MPG figures)

    Nice jump,,,, FYI, your warranty is now red flagged and void.
  7. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    I'll do a set of these machine finish Metods just like I have on my JKUR. To bad the hubs can't be done on the Bronco.
  8. Am i the only person who wants to see an aux fuel tank?

    My '75 had 2 factory tanks 13 & 10 and I added a 3rd 10. That 13 gal on the 2 door is really not going to work unless all you do is go to the market. The 2.7 with 35's is never going to see 20mpg,, 16-17 is more real.
  9. 2022 Ford Bronco changes?

    They will adjust prices to reflect true cost of production and demand,,,,LOL,, the price will go up. A bigger gas tank would be really nice. I don't see them making any changes that require any real work. No one wants to work. FCA sat on the JK for years when better parts were being used on...
  10. Here starts the dealer games

    Yes there are some with values, probably most. But we will hear of the bad ones here. New Bronco and people wanting to move to Idaho. I have decided I do not want to have to get into a bidding war with people with more money than me for a house that is already overpriced. So for now i am not...
  11. Admin please delete, will post full review at 100 miles

    The way things are is not going to change soon. My Wrangler is worth more today than it was a year ago. Fun times.
  12. Here starts the dealer games

    The dealers just want to make money. You getting your Bronco at MSRP is not important to them if they can get another $10K+ for it. They know the game and will be pushing the limits. They see the Bronco as a real cash cow and it's time to milk it.
  13. Here starts the dealer games

    I see more U tube videos of the Bronco by the usual u tube stars. They must have been a day 1 reservation. There has got to be some back room decisions as to who gets what and when. I hope I am wrong but I see the first in line getting shafted. Between the covid, roof issues and the parts...
  14. Jeep is in trouble

    Jeep will not be in trouble unless the economy totally tanks. If that happens Bronco production will stop.
  15. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    If Ford finds out that you drove your Bronco off road like in the commercials , they would probably void the warranty for off road abuse. LOL.
  16. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    Had headers on the '70 and would run all over Anza Berrago totally uncorked. Power slide in the washes that are now posted at 25 or less. Glad I did it then cuz you ain't going to do it any more. Death Valley, Manson ranch, bus and all. If I had taken pictures they would be worth some $$$.
  17. 🎥: New 2021 Bronco Commercial Video Draws on History

    Yep, wish I had my old one back. Didn't realize what I had back then. They were everywhere. They all came with a white top at no extra charge. No chips problems or 3rd party plastic crap.
  18. How many Broncos are out there now?

    So all the pre production units will be destroyed? Yep, sure, absolutely. No one at Ford would ever think of saving one in a barn somewhere,,,LOL.
  19. Be careful out there.

    Looks like the wrong GOAT mode selected.