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  1. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    The primary mission of the Bronco is off road capability. In stock form from the factory it exceeds that mission. I don’t think it tries to be anything more.
  2. Drag Race by TFL: Bronco First Edition 2.7L vs. Jeep Wrangler 4XE vs. Toyota FJ

    Drag race is useless to me beyond sheer entertainment value. 4+ hours of driving at the Texas Rodeo was all I needed to see the true value of the Bronco. Now please send me a VIN Ford!
  3. $99,000 for a 4-DOOR WILDTRACK ?!?

    Andy's low price and they will bring it to you. I am sure they will.
  4. Top less!

    White looks good on the Bronco and the upgraded wheels on your rig look great too.
  5. GM is Suing Chrysler

    Scotty is an uninformed idiot.
  6. Carbonized Grey Badlands Delivered! My First Takeaways

    Congratulations. I almost have the same build as yours and can't wait to get mine. Unfortunately I did not reserve until July 29 and do not expect to see mine until Q1 of next year. Will look forward to follow-up comments and impressions.
  7. Favorite Automotive Color

    The Silver Spruce to my eye would be a excellent choice for the Bronco. With a low take rate, I believe Ford has dropped it from the entire truck lineup.
  8. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    They cannot make 2022 delivery commitments. They are not telling you everything. Yes some will get a Bronco this year, but my instincts tell me to get out and wait on the sidelines. I may check back in a couple of years. I need to call my dealer and get my non- refundable deposit back. This...
  9. 4 hours to E day... what's your breaking point?

    2 years after reservation seems long enough. I do not believe Ford will come through and am back configuring P-cars.
  10. Are May emails still gonna be a thing?

    Here are all my assumptions at this point: 1. Ford knows what is in the the order backlog. 2. They know when supply lines will recover. 3. They know what configs they can build and when they can build them. 4. They know how long it will take to sort out the MIC top production issues and have...
  11. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    I’m now expecting a mid cycle model refresh before I get my estimated build date. This is a slow motion train wreck.
  12. Bronco observations from SCE & Dealer Event + pics & videos

    Nice K1600. And thanks for the sharing your POV.
  13. What is Your Prediction on When You Will See Your Bronco?

    7/29 res Loaded BL. Summer of 2022 delivery is my estimate.
  14. Michigan Assembly Plant - Two Week Shutdown (May 17 and 24)

    This will not be the only interruption - expect a few more. Full supply recovery will not take place until 2022 with some spill over into 2023. And it’s not just ICs that are putting a drag on supply chains. My advice is to find some other obsession for the next 6 months and check back in...
  15. 3.20 Varsity Ford Dealer Event - Photos, Questions and First Impressions

    12 MPG is completely believable. I get 19 MPG even better in mix driving with my 3.5L twin turbo Eco but only if I stay out of the boost. Switch to sport and give her the spurs and that number will drop to 15 MPG quickly. The 3.5L can hustle the F150 or sip the fuel as needed.
  16. Poll: are you hesitant to buy a Ford?

    1 F100 manual 3 F150s manual/auto 1 Escort manual 2 Fusion company cars Zero issues but I have had 4 recalls on the 2016 F150. The brand new Mercedes we owned for 8 years was constantly in the shop.
  17. Prediction: What month/year do you think you will get yours?? Based on Reservation date..

    July 29 Loaded BL. 247 out of 420 reservations at my dealer. 2nd quarter of 2022
  18. Now with Pole: How Far Are You Traveling to Get a Bronco???

    3.6 miles to get there but several hundred to get home.