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  1. Jeep Xtreme Recon

    Me and you are thinking the same way I think but I don’t think it’s coming through right. I’m not saying to build up a sport to the rubicon level. I’m saying it would be dumb for Jeep to add all that to a sport from the factory when you can just get the rubicon. And I agree with you it’s dumb to...
  2. Jeep Xtreme Recon

    Not intended to take any jabs at you, just didn’t see this anywhere on the thread. I wish Jeep would at least let you pick some different axle ratio’s from the factory for all the trims.
  3. Jeep Xtreme Recon

    I think you read my post the wrong way, “Man”…. What I’m saying is there’s no reason in adding all those components at the factory (or aftermarket) to a sport when the only thing that you would be missing from the sport after adding all the drivetrain/suspension components would be power...
  4. Jeep Xtreme Recon

    I could be wrong but aside from the bigger axles, tires, lockers, and high fenders. The only difference from sport to rubicon is hood, grill, different plastic bumper, fuel door, power locks/windows, some soft touch inside, and bigger radio screen. Oh and that big sticker on the hood that most...
  5. Two 2021 Broncos burn in trailer fire ?

    Well at least the driver made it to tire shop...
  6. 2 door fastback top DOES fold back! Lightning Blue First Edition Bronco With Graphics

    I may have missed it before but I see this top is made by Bestop. So they probably make the factory soft top also. Maybe they’ll come out with a soft top version with glass windows like they did for the wrangler. They’ll most likely come out with a tan and a black twill version.
  7. Dealer Sasquatch Parts Swap

    If you go with the manual I don’t see you having a problem. You have complete control over over your shift points. Ford has determined the 4.70 ratio is best for the manual with 33s and under. If going larger than 33s you might want to consider re-gearing to a lower ratio if you have lots of...
  8. Dealer Sasquatch Parts Swap

    You won’t have any trouble selling the 35s and some tire shops will pay you for good take offs. Recalabrating the speeometer should be easily done by your dealer (speedo will be off about 3-4mph going from a true 35 to a 33inch tire). One thing you may want to consider is the gearing, it won’t...
  9. Give Your Best One Liner About Ford's B&P Roll Out

    Fords B&P team standing behind their disaster
  10. Reselling right away -- Resale Value of Bronco right upon delivery?

    I wouldn’t give a private seller more than trade-in value for any vehicle. That’s all they’ll get from a dealer if they want to upgrade. Or they can sell on consignment for 10%. Also if your a new vehicle buyer and going to finance your bronco, you pay mostly interest at the beginning of your...
  11. Roll call for those satisfied with B&P

    Jeep B&P is up with new colors and editions.
  12. Sticker Shock on a Fully-Loaded BadSquatch

    With fords failed launch a new snazzberry rubicon diesel with power top with an out the door price way below MSRP is very tempting.
  13. Call your shot: B&P surprises

    Right hand drive.
  14. A possible new competitor for the Bronco's class?

    Many humEV owners will suffer from “range anxiety”. I guess that’s a real thing brought on from Gm’s EV1
  15. A possible new competitor for the Bronco's class?

    0 to 60 3 seconds “+ or -“ Hp and torque “ up to”