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  1. Bikeric

    Optional " High Clearance Suspension "

    OK. The BL does have a "High Clearance" type of suspension with special Bilstein shocks. Those BL Bilstein shocks are NOT THE SAME as Sasquatch (~1/2" shorter). The Sasquatch springs also have a heavier spring rate. I am not certain with anything regarding the Black Diamond suspension other...
  2. Bikeric


    Welp, I'm finding it harder to justify a Badlands. The BaseSquach is looking better and better.... I can live with Velocity Blue
  3. Bikeric


    I'm gonna need the rest of you to log off the Ford website please. My build is locked up. Thanks in advance ;)
  4. Bikeric

    Spotted: Cyber Orange 2 Door Badlands w/ MIC Hardtop

    Just reminder her that OJ liked white Bronco's too.
  5. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    With no X-Plan, I'll be travelling to Texas. My local dealer was already gouging on paperwork fees. I can only imagine now that X-Plan is gone. Tulsa has some fine craft breweries as well. I don't make it out to them very often because I've got a liquor store a mile away LOL.
  6. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    If I'm ever in Chicago you buy the best pizza and I'll buy the beer. If you're ever in Tulsa I'll buy you the best Chicken Fried Steak you ever had and you buy the beer. We'll see whose Bronco is the tallest!! (y)
  7. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    I know the bank must feel like they bailed me out, but I consider my mortgage to be a loan to be paid back, with interest. By your definition I also intend to take a "bailout" to buy this Bronco, so I guess Ford is getting us all back?
  8. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    Maybe take it to Twitter where you can complain to others that know nothing about it and get the clicks? I'm just informing you it was not a bailout. Sorry if that ruffled your feathers.
  9. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    Ford didn't take TARP money like GM and Chrysler. Ford took out a 5.9B loan in 2009 with the Dept. of Energy to help improve their fuel economy. That program had 3 players. Ford, Nissan and Tesla. Nissan and Tesla have repaid said loan. Ford is still paying it back. It was NOT a bailout.
  10. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    I guess it's not any official government site, but tends to have a history of SJW's using it for government intervention wishes IMO. I could be totally wrong, but I'm not investigating to find out. To each their own.
  11. Bikeric

    X-plan Petition on

    Not going to Change dot org for any reason. If a company wants to charge X$ for a product it is their choice to make. We, the buying public can make our own decision to buy said products or not. The government has no business butting in. I'm as sad to hear about the loss of X-Plan as the...
  12. Bikeric

    Spotted in Wild: Rapid Red Big Bend & Cyber Orange Outer Banks Broncos

    I'm not a fan of the gap from the 2nd row roof to the back cabin lid.
  13. Bikeric

    Bronco coming to Moab 4x4 Expo Oct. 28-31

    Lucky for you that your route avoids Oklahoma Turnpikes. I don't recommend driving on those without already being in a Bronco.
  14. Bikeric

    2021 Bronco Will be First in World to Use Fortiform 980 GI Grade Steel

    This steel will be used more for skeleton locations as opposed to the frame itself (my guess). The steel needs to be coated to prevent galvanic corrosion with the Aluminum body panels.
  15. Bikeric

    What will the kids remember more?

    I remember every nuance of every car my parents and grandparents owned. I remember having chicken pox and throwing up in the back of a pea green Pinto (didn't hurt the resale value). I remember sitting backwards on my knees and watching the driveshaft spin on my Dad's new flat-bed F350 as he...
  16. Bikeric

    Dealership "Bronco Specialists" to Attend Off-Roadeo in Austin Starting March 1, 2021

    I would rather the Dealers get familiar with the Bronco prior to mine showing up on the back of a truck. I would hate to pick up my new Bronco with 25 miles on it and dirt in the wheel wells.......:mad:
  17. Bikeric

    The Bronco Reservation Transfer Date Has Been Pushed Back To Jan. 31st, 2021

    Based upon the availability issues with certain options (Modular Top, Sasquatch), I might just keep my initial reservation for the Base 2-door with my local dealer and make a 2nd reservation this month with @GrangerFord so I can get the Badlands built just the way I want it. Shouldn't be hard...
  18. Bikeric

    Spotted: 2 Door Bronco Towing Trailer

    Yes, those are the Optional Badlands rims.
  19. Bikeric

    Pics of Marine Grade Vinyl Seats vs Leather Seats in 2021 Bronco - comparison

    Sorry, you're stuck with Navy Pier. Next question? LOL, JK
  20. Bikeric

    Antimatter Blue Bronco Preproduction First Look! 4 Door Big Bend Model

    Those headlights/turn signals don't match what is on Ford's site for the Big Bend. The grill ports do though.