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  1. UT Dealerships

    We'd probably have to find out from @Granger Ford if there are enough UT/NV/ID buyers to get group shipping to SLC. As of now, I'm planning on driving from Denver to SLC but SLC would be awesome, haha.
  2. Any snow considerations/adventures?

    There are a few different companies; Mattracks, American Truck Tracks, Polar Tracks, etc. Not all are able to be used in conditions other than snow. The ones pictured are the ATT ones which claim they can be used on any terrain. You just have to go slow on dry/rough surfaces. A set from any of...
  3. Any snow considerations/adventures?

    I will almost certainly be getting a set of these. We have a small cabin that gets snowed in for at least 5 months each year. It would be nice to be able to get to it during the snowy months which is my favorite time to be up there.
  4. Bronco Overland Build Walkthrough w/ Good Look at 4-Door Rear Seats & Marine Grade Vinyl (Andy’s All Access)

    Very happy to hear that the Cargo organizer and shelf will act as a secure trunk when the roof is off. At least that's what I understood at 2:08. I was hoping he would state whether the solid rear window panels would be an actual option for what he stated is the base-level MIC top.
  5. Poll: What color Bronco are you getting ?

    My top 3 colors change between A51, CO, and Race Red. Initially I was going to get a 2 dr but have since changed to a 4 dr and I think CO looks far better on 2 dr than 4 dr, so that puts CO in third. Like pretty much everybody else on this site, the A51 overlander rig blew me away and looks...
  6. Bronco Overland Concept Revealed! With Live Debut Video & Pics From Super Celebration East

    Does anybody know which model of ARB cooler/refridgerator is in this Bronco? Thanks. Edit: Based on looking up the measurements of the Yeti 45 next to it, it would appear that this is the ARB Classic Series II 37QT.
  7. 4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    I don't get how veiled patriotism-signaling has worked itself into this conversation... Must be a Tennessee thing.
  8. New preproduction Broncos off the line: Area 51, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red, Iconic Silver, Race Red, Soft Top

    You can see both Race & Rapid Red at any dealership right now. Not on a Bronco of course, but on F150s and Rangers. They are quite different colors. Rapid Red is a dark red with metallic flake. It changes color fairly significantly depending on lighting. Race Red is about as red as it gets. Flat...
  9. Best dealer in Utah?

    I'm probably going to go with the October Granger Special and just have them ship it to Utah. Every dealer I've spoken with in UT is being super cagey and noncommittal. Edit: Just made a new reservation @Granger Ford for the aforementioned October Granger Special. I was also told that Granger...
  10. New preproduction Broncos off the line: Area 51, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red, Iconic Silver, Race Red, Soft Top

    Man, I hope MIC black tops are an actual option. Looks so much better than the grey. Also, based on the wheels and tires that race red badlands is squatched, eh?
  11. 2 Door Bronco Badlands spotted on road in WV

    On website it lists headlights as "configurable". I've taken that to mean you can choose amber or white as the color.
  12. Peek at Rapid Red Wildtrak Bronco in Jim Farley interview

    Yes, they need to just make every non-body part the same color. If they love the carbonized grey top so much, then put it on the mirrors, flares, etc. Or just make the damn top in the same color as all the other plastic parts. I will never understand this decision by Ford.
  13. Ranger Tremor vs. Sasquatch

    I'm probably going to do 2-year lease on a 2021 Tremor and then upgrade to a next gen Ranger with the 2.7. I need a truck now-ish but I know I'll want the next gen when it comes out; hence the lease.
  14. The Bronco trim badge is reflective - first look

    Geez, we're desperate for fresh news, aren't we? This warrants a front page post? Haha.
  15. Sway Bar Disco Essentially Useless on IFS?

    I never stated definitively that it is useless. This thread was started as an attempt to garner a discussion about disco on a IFS system because I had read in some other forums and articles that some people don't think it is super beneficial. I wanted to see what people on this forum thought...
  16. Sway Bar Disco Essentially Useless on IFS?

    Reading comprehension is hard: From guernsej: " If you don't want it that's fine, but you started a thread asking if it was useless and you've received plenty of evidence that's not the case so why keep arguing the point?" And Gamecock's response states, "why are you spending so much time on...
  17. Ranger Tremor vs. Sasquatch

    I will likely spend the next year going back and forth between the Ranger and the Bronco. No, they aren't direct competitors, but for me it's a battle between practicality and a cool toy. Many members here already have a truck and/or a more utilitarian vehicle. I don't. So I either go with the...
  18. Sway Bar Disco Essentially Useless on IFS?

    I love the last two comments replying to a comment that isn't mine as if it were. People getting downright douchey in this thread. Lmao.
  19. Sway Bar Disco Essentially Useless on IFS?

    A slightly less doucey response would suffice. I was simply asking a question based on an off-road lift kit company claiming disco on IFS systems isn't super beneficial. But you do you.
  20. Cyber Orange Paint Thread

    It'll also be on the 2021 Ranger.