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  1. MardiGrasTexan

    2022 MY looking better and better

    Don't get your drool on our MY21 Broncos as we pass you....thanks.
  2. MardiGrasTexan

    Official Update: Bronco Reservation Move Cutoff Date (Jan 31) + 2021MY Allocations Cutoff Date (Sep 18) + 2022 MY Reservation Start Date

    July 13th thru September 17th. The letter says "prior" to September 18th which does not include September 18th. September 18th and beyond puts you in the MY2022.
  3. MardiGrasTexan

    Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    Definitely looks like Grabber Lime. Maybe it's a Mountain Dew wrap?
  4. MardiGrasTexan

    2021 Bronco Colors Samples Comparison – Cloudy vs Sunny (Including LIGHTNING BLUE)

    AMB is not going to look good with just the slightest bit of dust on it.
  5. MardiGrasTexan

    Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    When did Ford announce they wouldn't offer a white top? Never. It's not a finalized option today for Beachman101 to see. That's all. Ford doesn't have to reveal everything to you when you want it revealed to you. Have you seen the B&P? Nah, you haven't. And, to be honest, hasn't Ford already...
  6. MardiGrasTexan

    More Preproduction Broncos Completed -- Area 51 Wildtrak, Race Red Badlands, Rapid Red Big Bend, Cyber Orange OBX, Oxford White OBX, Iconic Silver

    Yeah, that pic created a dilemma for me. Very pretty vehicle in the Area 51. I was sold on the Cactus Gray but I've always worried about how the CG will age. Will it still be "hot" in 4 or 5 years? Not sure. The Area 51 looks like a long term color.
  7. MardiGrasTexan

    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    BlueBronco, is this a DFW area dealer? Also, you have me signed up?
  8. MardiGrasTexan

    Our latest simulated Bronco Sasquatch in production colors & white tops / fenders

    Would like to see the silver with white top and black flares. :unsure:
  9. MardiGrasTexan

    Texas Members Roll Call

    MardiGrasTexan-Grapevine, TX
  10. MardiGrasTexan

    2021 Ford Bronco Makes NYC Debut at NYSE (Aug 17) - Pics, Video, Q&A

    Purple and gold my friend. Geaux Tigers!
  11. MardiGrasTexan

    2021 Bronco Paint Color Samples from Ride Event

    Blue is the Antimatter Blue....same as this pic.
  12. MardiGrasTexan

    Spotted: Cactus Gray and Black Broncos testing in Colorado mountains

    Best looking blue version I've seen....
  13. MardiGrasTexan

    Rare Hands On Review of 2021 Bronco From Reveal Event w/ Cactus Gray White Top Pics!

    It's not a roof panel. It's the entire rear section that will need two people because of the physical size. See below.