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  1. AndrewJ

    Compiled list of issues / bugs with Bronco Build & Price

    Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but when building an Outer Banks, in the side bar for choosing options, the black-chrome alloy wheels are the Badlands version, although they appear as the correct Outer Banks version on the actual Bronco. Likewise, when building a Badlands, the sidebar...
  2. AndrewJ

    Spotted: Cyber Orange 2 Door Badlands w/ MIC Hardtop

    yes it has an attitude that the 4 door just doesn't have
  3. AndrewJ

    Spotted in Wild: Rapid Red Big Bend & Cyber Orange Outer Banks Broncos

    where did you hear that it was supposed to be there? I must have missed something
  4. AndrewJ

    Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    or possibly a hybrid version
  5. AndrewJ

    Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    SICKK I still won't be surprised if it's called the Bronco Raptor, although Warthog is also very possible
  6. AndrewJ

    Pics: Cactus Gray on 4 Door Bronco Sasquatch w/ MIC HardTop

    Agreed! I can actually tolerate it. At least in this lighting.
  7. AndrewJ

    Spotted: 2 Door Bronco Towing Trailer

    I totally agree with what's been said here. The 2 door Bronco looks great. If I was getting a Bronco I'd be seriously considering a 2 door, as opposed to the 2 door Jeep which is hideously proportioned.
  8. AndrewJ

    Bronco R Baja 1000 Testing Video

    Now just give us a Raptor/Warthog that can do all that!!
  9. AndrewJ

    Sasquatch 2 Door Bronco Black Diamond in Rapid Red

    yes I thought it looked like lead foot gray as well. And YES it's one of my favorite colors and would look KILLER on the Bronco with a black top like you said.