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  1. Murph914

    2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    Wow the rockstars are really working hard I can see. Must be hard working with rocks all day.
  2. Murph914

    Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    All I see is not before next Friday. If anyone does get on, can you record the pricing because the site is bound to crash? Pricing for Sasq for different trims, and the option packages would be a great starter. Realistically I’m picturing Halloween.
  3. Murph914


    Who is the dealer? That is hilarious. I’m sending that to my friend for a laugh. This is why people will soon be buying from Ford in Michigan like Tesla.
  4. Murph914

    Broncos on Display December 3rd at Sheehy Ford of Richmond!!

    So you sell Broncos at lower prices, but the Bronco at full price and the 1st edition over full price. 🤪
  5. Murph914

    New Patent - Bronco Tie Down Brackets may get integrated turn signals and emit forward facing light

    Here is a link to the patent for full detail. HERE sounds like a good option to have. Take out the stock stuff for more lights in the grill or whatever people dream up edit: so it looks like the back of the new tie downs have readouts for data. Kinda neat! Gear number?speed? Configurable? Who...
  6. Murph914

    Antimatter Blue Bronco Preproduction First Look! 4 Door Big Bend Model

    The Contour was a pretty cheap car in retrospect, but the SVT made a vast improvement. It had the highest percentage of male buyers of the SVT vehicles at the time (Cobra & Lightning). It also sounded great.
  7. Murph914

    Anyone interested in getting together for a New England purchase at a single dealer?

    I live less than a mile from Franklin Ford. I have been working with Ron there and have found him to be a good guy and willing to communicate. I also have a res at Tasca and found them to be uncommunicative, uncooperative, and unwilling to agree to msrp. The idea of driving from Granger to save...
  8. Murph914

    Antimatter Blue Bronco Preproduction First Look! 4 Door Big Bend Model

    My first new car was a ‘00 Contour SVT. Very cool car at the time. The interior was a special midnight blue a lot like am blue. New it looked cool, but on a bright day with the doors open it turned purple and kinda looked… un-masculine.