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  1. BillyGoat

    Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    Ford, Mike are you listening? You are really screwing this up for the most diehard fans of your brand and the new Bronco. We are your core customers. Reach out to us if you want to don’t know what that means. Why would you jack with your customers that are willing to spend more for their...
  2. BillyGoat

    This isn't Cactus Grey is it?

    But Grams loves her new sea foam SUV. Even more than her last gold Camry, and the orange bronze looking Aztec thing.
  3. BillyGoat

    How many Fords have you owned in the past?

    65 Econoline 67 Mustang Fastback GT with a K block - why did I ever sell it? 69 Galaxy 71 F100 - another one that I want back 73 F100 RangerXLT - ditto 76 TBird - pimpin! 90 Tempo - company car, it blew up 96 F150 On my 9th and last Taurus (company leases) - 2019 Ltd.
  4. BillyGoat

    What "Bronco Swag" has your dealer sent you?

    Nothing, much less an email or even a returned phone call from Sanderson Ford. :mad:
  5. BillyGoat

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    Not on the fence, but the wait doesn’t help. A mfg only provides a special low rate to help liquidate dealer inventory so they can ship more units out to dealers. You often see this with Dodge, Chevy and recently even Jeep Wrangler. If units are moving well off of dealers lots and demand...
  6. BillyGoat

    Good brands for off road wheels?

    Just about all of the bead locks are going to be in the $400 range. Not that you have to have bead locks. Check out Black Rhino, Fuel and even Dirty Life. BR has probably the most choices for with and without A bead lock. .
  7. BillyGoat

    Cloth seats vs. upgraded leather. What would you do? Cost?

    Here’s a question that someone may be able to clarify. Are the optional 10 way driver and 8 way passenger seats available for cloth?
  8. BillyGoat

    Badlands suspension vs Wildtrak

    This is where I got schooled from First On Race Day:
  9. BillyGoat

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    Nice work!
  10. BillyGoat

    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    If the modular top can be painted white or painted color match, I will be changing my WildTrak order to Cactus Grey. Cool new color that has an iconic look to the the first series Bronco. Plus here in AZ, the white top would help reflect the intense sun. 🤞
  11. BillyGoat

    Bourbon Drinkers!

    Absolute BLASPHEMY!
  12. BillyGoat

    Bourbon Drinkers!

    Yer not a drinker, you’re a collector! Got any of my sipping sauce....Clyde Mays (special reserve 110)?
  13. BillyGoat

    Badlands suspension vs Wildtrak

    Get the gear ratios, but why would the Baja mode not be available on the Bad Lands? What do you think? Bad Lands will be better for rock crawling and truly going everywhere. WildTrak will be better at high speeds in town and higher speed off-roading. It will probably have the worse fuel...
  14. BillyGoat

    First Look at 2021 Bronco With No Fender Flares (Removed) & Tab / Bolt Removal Video

    Yeppers, probably by a bunch of envious heep owners.:unsure: Fords gotta have some of those fender no flares available like they put on the F-150? At least something to cover the holes right? But then I digress and realize that I too work for a mfg and that DOT will definitely require them to...
  15. BillyGoat

    AZ Bois where ya at??

    Just moved my reservation from them to another dealer. My experience with the sales department there has been a cluster ****
  16. BillyGoat

    AZ Bois where ya at??

    Yes, literally millions of acres. Here are some suggestions for blazing your own trail: Get on yer google box and go to from here you can get maps and a recreational pass to explore public lands that few people go. Then there is a great app called OnX Offroad that is well worth...
  17. BillyGoat

    AZ Bois where ya at??

    Just changed my dealer to Sanderson Ford. (y)
  18. BillyGoat

    AZ dedicated buyers

    I’m in! Great to see the interest here in AZ!