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  1. Megawatt

    Jeeps EVERYWHERE. Can't wait to be a little different

    Here in Vegas we have six Jeep dealers in town. Go to google maps and look at Vegas and zoom into the desert. You will see what appears as roads in the desert. Those are trails and they are everywhere. There are so many Jeep and off road clubs here and we don’t get snowed in. Every weekend is a...
  2. Megawatt

    Anyone Now on the Bronco Fence or Totally Off It Now that the B&P is Out?

    No way in hell would I be giving a couple thousand dollar gift to any dealer so they can sell the Bronco at a profit. And if you did that you just screwed every single Bronco reservation holder than had a reservation after yours. Because they had to wait for your Bronco to be built so you could...
  3. Megawatt

    Give Your Best One Liner About Ford's B&P Roll Out

    Closer to porn stars than rock stars.
  4. Megawatt

    Bought a pop up to start exploring

    113 square feet of storage in a 4 door Bronco. You could always pull out your gear and put it down on the garage floor and see what doesnt fit.
  5. Megawatt

    Reselling right away -- Resale Value of Bronco right upon delivery?

    Hope it is a vehicle you can live with. These deals can go wrong so fast and crush your get rich quick deals. Keep the reservation if you want a Bronco for you, pass on any other idea of get rich quick deal.
  6. Megawatt

    Bought a pop up to start exploring

    Just me and the wife. We tent camp all the time. The Wrangler is the same dimensions as the Bronco. We stuff every single inch of space with gear for a couple days. No way the Bronco is going to have room for your family gear. Hope you can put stuff in the pop up while collapsed. Trucks...
  7. Megawatt

    Ford chat rep claims trim / model change will require new reservation

    Hell yeah. Hope it’s real. The reservation does include the trim selected when created. I can sEd Ford trying to pull this move. If true they just saved me $6000 because the BD can’t have the expensive packages the BL can have. And I know many people started to see the high prices on...
  8. Megawatt

    Biggest Concern(s)?

    They definitely do not have rock stars on the programming team. Getting iffy on ordering a $53k vehicle without seeing one, sitting in one, test driving one. Second year could remove many concerns and see if issues with recall, TSB, etc happen on 2021 model.
  9. Megawatt

    Sticker Shock on a Fully-Loaded BadSquatch

    And add $10k to that starter price tag ha ha. Jk Hope you can make it work for you. 👍
  10. Megawatt

    Sticker Shock on a Fully-Loaded BadSquatch

    Easily 5% off possible on rubicons if you try a little. Wrangler forum is full of post on purchasers experience. Youtube has vids on salesmen talking about 5-10% off MSRP because it’s happen. I will not link another forums post on this forum but here is a post from 14 days ago about the...
  11. Megawatt

    Sticker Shock on a Fully-Loaded BadSquatch

    Compare it to a rubicon for more accuracy. Then it’s a $53k Jeep and you can get them for 5-10% under MSRP. The first year for Bronco is not good to compare to Jeep cost. Jeeps are gonna get even less expensive in 2021 Summer when Broncos start hitting the street and JEEP has Summer sales...
  12. Megawatt

    Why no synthetic rope version of the winch?

    No synthetic rope because the profits for Ford were greater with the steel cable.
  13. Megawatt

    Anyone Now on the Bronco Fence or Totally Off It Now that the B&P is Out?

    In a couple years from now it will be a much better buy.
  14. Megawatt

    Roll call for those satisfied with B&P

    Let’s take a poll on it!
  15. Megawatt

    Selecting the right trim level - ugh, it's overwhelming!

    Take what you think, and add $8000 to your build and you will arrive at the Bronco you thought of.
  16. Megawatt

    $5790 for Sasquatch on the Base!!

    I been saying these trucks are gonna be expensive since two months ago. Then you still have to add tax and registration, it gets even more crazy. Ford is marketing the new Bronco to peeps with lots and lots of money Fo sure.
  17. Megawatt

    Cancel 1st reservation?

    Don’t even talk to them and cancel the first order. You are set up with a second res. When it’s time to take delivery they will stick you with some charge and say there is no thing they can do about it and you wind up paying. Give them no gift they are not your friend and you owe them nothing.
  18. Megawatt

    Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Was thinking the same. Many will be Badlands before B&P and downgraded to Base model after B&P due to price and budget.
  19. Megawatt

    30’ Box Truck Blocks Engineer Pass - Which One of You Did This?

    The hopes of B6G members for B&P that burn up when the ford site crashes 2 minutes after midnight.
  20. Megawatt

    Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    All these 4 door BL and 2.7 L and options easily figure will end up around $57,000 I am preparing for the shock to be $52k on my build before the state taxes of about $4000 for me.