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  1. Big TX Mike

    More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    Yea that is my plan, just frustrating to spend $70 and have to spend more immediately
  2. Big TX Mike

    More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    I'm going to drop damn near $70k for a First Edition, that will now come late because I am waiting for a top that doesn't look like it is from a faded 5 year old Jeep. And I'll drop whatever the hell it costs aftermarket to have an interior that matches the rest of the vehicle instead of using...
  3. Big TX Mike

    What problems do you have with your late model ford that you hope do not infect the new Bronco?

    '30 Model A ~ rattles a lot '18 F150 KR ~ Amp went out about a year in, 2nd gear is a little hard sometimes on the 10 speed, a few other electrical gremlins that a disconnected battery resets and fixes, recall on the sunroof because it sounded like it was breaking on opening Bottom line if...
  4. Big TX Mike

    Lightning Blue Announced Exclusively For Bronco First Edition!

    Nobody wants that, regardless of exterior color
  5. Big TX Mike

    2021 Bronco's 1st public appearance comes 9/9-12 at Bronco Super Celebration West in Colorado [2-Door and Sport will be displayed]

    Hopefully they still have them out on Saturday, looking forward to seeing the two door and four door side by side and making a final decision on which one I want. I agree that it would kick ass if they had more models/color options in attendance but hell I'm just happy to have a reason to get...
  6. Big TX Mike

    11,000 Members

    I'd like to welcome @Trogdor27 as member 11001. Looks like he finished burninating the countryside just in time to join and break the milestone.
  7. Big TX Mike

    Anyone else not heard anything from their selected dealer?

    I got the reservation confirmation email with a dealer contact for Bronco. Called him 2 weeks ago and have not heard back. I will be changing dealers.
  8. Big TX Mike

    Granger Ford approaching Bronco cult hero status

    I (very poorly) put it on the bumper in all Black
  9. Big TX Mike

    Fake Engine Sounds - Kill or Keep?

    It's really when the top is off that this feature will be ridiculous. Everyone will hear it and think we are playing exhaust noises through the stereo to compensate for something.
  10. Big TX Mike

    Changing dealers after reservation

    I believe this was brought up before but can't remember where. The reservation was with the original dealer, not Ford, so they refunded you as they cannot transfer it to the new dealer. Your reservation should be fine, you'll probably just have to redo the deposit at order time.
  11. Big TX Mike

    Bourbon Drinkers!

    Woodford is the go to. Agree with the earlier post, if you are in the area check out the distillery it's a must see. The Bourbon Trail is probably on the road trip list with the Bronco, I'm sure there are some trails to hit around there. As for how to drink it: Rocks Old Fashioned Or with Dr...
  12. Big TX Mike

    SYNC4 Will Help Bronco Owners Find Cheaper Gas and Parking

    I feel like this is a major understatement. Yikes!
  13. Big TX Mike

    Granger Ford approaching Bronco cult hero status

    They should engrave their name on the bumper like they did back in the day Looking at Google images that might have only been a Texas thing haha. That would be damn unique today, and would probably sell some steel bumper upgrades for them as well.
  14. Big TX Mike

    After all the deliberation, no concerns are a real concern

    I thought that was standard on the Outer Banks model Only? Looong time lurker and image stealer here. I had the renderings this site worked up as desktop wallpaper years ago, no idea how long but I would say I've been waiting since the last concept we saw, 2004ish? I didn't feel the need to...
  15. Big TX Mike

    New Video Interview With Ford at 2021 Bronco Event [by Andy’s All Access]

    He clearly motions that anything is possible. This look just screams "What more could you want?" So those options have to be available.
  16. Big TX Mike

    New Video Interview With Ford at 2021 Bronco Event [by Andy’s All Access]

    True story, my amp went out and my truck was silent
  17. Big TX Mike

    Raw Footage of 2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch & Non-Sasquatch on Hells Gate

    Anybody know if you can chicken out of this obstacle and still do the rest of the route? Not for me of course, but you know a friend of mine has doubts he would do it.
  18. Big TX Mike

    Texas Members Roll Call

    Lubbock ~ 4 Door FE and no idea on color, I change daily. The 2 Door is really starting to be a possibility too. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the streets and the trails
  19. Big TX Mike

    AUX Switch Labels?

    I'm pretty good at breaking stuff if you need another tester, 4dr FE
  20. Big TX Mike

    Bronco's Dramatic Entrance & Close Looks at Accessories on Concepts @ Ride Event

    So here is the camera on the Outer Banks, between the O and N in BRONCO But there is no camera on the 2 door shown here, which means this Badlands doesn't have the High package which is the one with the 360 view Good news is that a camera mounted between the O and N looks like it would clear...