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  1. No reason to get a V-8"

    Waiting it out. Hope to get a ride in a somewhat "built" 2.7/auto 2 door in the next year or so (out on the trails). See if I can put up with turbo lag in moderate to semi-hard core crawling. Meanwhile, fixing my 79 crawler up with adj height suspension. Thing is just too tall, hence the reason...
  2. No reason to get a V-8"

    Good, yourself? Excited for a new Bronco?? I think it came out pretty much exactly as you wanted, IIRC.
  3. No reason to get a V-8"

    "no reason to get a V-8" "The TRX's 110-mph pace at the end of its 12.3-second quarter-mile run is both 13 mph greater than the Raptor's and faster than the Ford can go flat out."...
  4. No V8 from Ford any time soon but mainly because of emissions penalties
  5. No V8 from Ford any time soon but mainly because of emissions penalties

    You forgot the part about it being under warantee. Here ya go, good luck........
  6. No V8 from Ford any time soon but mainly because of emissions penalties

    Hellcat is about $500 in penalties from what I understand. Can't see how that is it.
  7. No V8 from Ford any time soon but mainly because of emissions penalties

    Been saying the same thing for years now. All I get back is torque peak numbers, which is completely irrelevant to the throttle response and/or linear power delivery conversation.
  8. Pics of 2.3L engine & underhood compartment in 2021 Bronco

    Mitsu has had muffler bearings since the nineties time for a new saying
  9. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    Thanks for the reply. If you could get them from Ford, would you use a 2.7 or 3.5 Ecoboost over the NA V-8?
  10. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    You would have been competing against Ford's 2.7 ecoboost with a supercharged V-8?
  11. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    No such thing. It is range deficiency that many don't want to be saddled with.
  12. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    At least one person in this thread said there is no reason not to buy an EV. To which I replied a bunch of reasons. If the intense badgering stops on not buying a pure EV, the responses about not wanting an EV will also stop. I didn't buy an EV and will continue not doing so (until they are...
  13. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    No, possibly 700. Some don't want to be a slave to charging their car. I went 700 miles (and laid out the trip in a separate post) not that long ago. It was on a whim to go look at a super cheap built EB. And that kind of deal could pop up at any time. Those with a completely structured life...
  14. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    Torque, Yes, HP No. You can buy 1200 Hp IC for 45 grand
  15. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    They might, but not any time soon enough you have to worry about buying an IC bronco right now.
  16. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    Can take fuel along (offroad). Super quick refills. Short ranges already, not severely reduced to almost unusable in cold temps or towing. Have full knowledge and tools to fix them. Park in up to 8 different locations on my 5 acres, thousands to run plugs all over or have ext cords running...
  17. Gas versus hybrid/electric Bronco?

    Gas will still be around for 30 years plus. Pure electrics are only 1.9% of the new cars sold in US right now (329K vs 17.1 million) and even if they somehow reached 50% next year, average age of cars on the road is now over 11 years. Electrics would have to be 100% of the sales for 11 years...
  18. Wildtrak Sasquatch 4 Door - Hood Height

    Anyone know actual body width without flares?
  19. Ram TRX Rebel

    Just pocketed 14 million profit (on top of whatever ridiculous profit they were already getting), in 3 hours. But no body wants a V-8............
  20. Is FCA getting nervous? Publishes Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler Info Sheet Guide

    Exactly, Only bought 1 of my last 5 Fords In NJ. Saved $3-5000 @ either Koons in Va and some random dealer In Md. And we aren't talking some high end models either.