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  1. Ontario ford dealers

    Can always lie and say you have a reservation with another dealer. Reserving one now will delay delivery by close to a year.
  2. Poll - What will you do regarding the no X-plan news?

    I will wait to see how badly my dealership tries to screw me on price (can't change dealership in Canada). I'm willing to budge a bit on MSRP but if they add too much ADM I will cancel my reservation and likely not ever buy a Bronco (or any Ford). I doubt my dealership has many reservations...
  3. News: Second Bronco dealer switch will now be allowed

    No x-plan and still can’t switch dealers in Canada. I have a feeling a lot of us are going to get completely screwed with no leverage to negotiate price.
  4. Ontario ford dealers

    Has anyone successfully changed their order to a different dealership yet in Canada? I am going to contact my selected dealer soon (Northway Ford in Brantford) and see what they are planning for pricing and if they accept X-plan. If it doesn't sound good I'll be looking to move my res to Kitchener.
  5. The first serious excursion

    Either a trip west to Calgary and down through the US or out to Newfoundland to visit family.
  6. Ontario ford dealers

    Might have to drive out to Cornwall, I’m gonna call around in September/October and see what I can find. Did someone have a Kitchener/Waterloo hookup? I’m just a bit south in Brantford.
  7. Canada - What trim level you thinking!

    Either Big Bend + Auto + Mid or Outer Banks with those included depending on cost/other factors.
  8. Pics: Black Bronco Wildtrak (w/ Sasquatch Package) in Public Parking Lot

    It’s too nice. No way I can say no to it, but it’s so expensive in CAD.
  9. Don't See Many Negative Articles Like This.

    Damn they really paid for that high school kid’s essay?
  10. Any Kansas City Area Dealers details available? Check out this thread. I have seen quite a few Missouri dealerships mentioned with good deals on the Bronco already.
  11. First Thread!

    Thanks. Now hopefully before final orders are placed Ford will allow us to switch dealerships. It makes no sense to be locked into a dealership this far away from launch and be at the mercy of whatever they want to charge.
  12. First Thread!

    For some reason my dealers info showed I’m in the US, they reached out and told me they can’t sell to Americans. Sent a photo of my license and got that straightened out. I’m seeing lots of US dealers saying they will sell for MSRP, don’t think we’re going to get so lucky here. If anyone finds...
  13. We crashed the Canadian Ford site!!!

    What are you looking to reserve? 4 door gets pricey, I'd love the leather seats but it's $50k just to have the option available. I guess I have time to think it over before the website is fixed.
  14. Bronco6G Live Reveal Viewing Party (With Giveaways)! 🥳

    Still not ordering a pineapple pizza tonight even if it is the cool thing to do.
  15. Base 2021 Bronco starting price

    So I assume this relates to what you said before about the Bronco being sold like the Mach-E, where there is a set price from Ford for each trim and that is the price everyone pays?
  16. First Thread!

    Hello neighbourinos from Brantford, ON.
  17. Reuters says March 17th reveal for new Bronco

    March 17th is probably a made up date with info like this