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  1. StedeBonnett

    Post your build! Images and specs only

    2-door OBX Race Red 2.7L EcoBoost Black Painted Roof (2022) Sound Deadening Headliner High Package Towing Capability Will look to add some Ford Performance parts hopefully…
  2. StedeBonnett

    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    Was curious about the reservation numbers growth in October… I reserved at Granger on Oct. 1 (10476306) DHC reserved on Oct. 24 (10520275) I'm guessing Albert and Zach are happy with the Granger Oct reservation numbers…
  3. StedeBonnett

    Race Red 4-Door Wildtrak Soft Top [Updated With Hood Decal & Interior Pics]

    Thanks for these pictures — I've moved Race Red to the top. I wanted a Race Red Oxford White duo — but — I'm starting to fall in love with the thought of a grey/black trim matched to Race Red. Glad I moved down to an October timestamp and a 2022 production spot.
  4. StedeBonnett

    Sound System Upgrade Question

    I've had good and bad experiences upgrading systems in cars - My first MINI S had the premium Harmon Kardon system - I replaced it with an Alpine system and upgraded the speakers - after a few months, I realized I made a wrong decision, could never get happy with the EQ. My current car 2012...
  5. StedeBonnett

    Outer Banks vs Big Bend

    I think I'm right here… one thing that keeps me thinking OBX is sport mode. Is that worth a couple of grand??? Not sure.
  6. StedeBonnett

    Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Doors and Trim: 2 Door OBX Color: Rapid Red Engine and Transmission: 2.7L/auto Roof: Body Color Sasquatch: No Packages: High Interior: Cloth Options: Tailgate Pkg? DIO: 33" tires
  7. StedeBonnett

    The Carolinas Bronco Club

    SixMIle - I ordered with Granger too - planning a fun road trip on the way back home to Gville.
  8. StedeBonnett

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    Much thanks to Zach for the clarity on this > and it makes sense. My only question or wonder - when will Ford start 2022 production? I guess the answer will come down to how long Ford will run the 2021 Bronco production line. Falling into a 2022 slot is what I was hoping for, I'm looking forward...
  9. StedeBonnett

    Monochromatic Colors...Stand Apart From The Crowd

    My last three cars have been… Pepper White MINI S Black/Red Accents MINI JCW now driving… Kona Blue Mustang GT IMO it's not even close my current ride (Kona Blue Mustang) is the best looking car I've driven. I've never driven a "blue" or color car previous except a red MGB during college...
  10. StedeBonnett

    Rapid Red - Official Thread

    I was on the AMB kick - but the more I see AMB on a Bronco the more I see purple. Digging around on Bronco's of Insta <> BAM! This has me thinking about Rapid Red now. It's not a match but it gives me hope that this color could look good matched up with the touches of gray.
  11. StedeBonnett

    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    shoot I just realized I forgot to post my reservation number > Vehicle: Bronco Series: OUTER BANKS Date reservation placed: 10/01/2020 Reservation ID number: 10476306 Your Ford Dealer: Granger Motors, Inc.
  12. StedeBonnett

    Here’s Antimatter Blue on a Bronco Big Bend 2-Door with MIC top

    I now get why many posters call AMB a hard color to pin down. My Kona Blue Mustang is a beautiful color here in South Carolina, and it dances in a purple spectrum. But, AMB doesn't seem to pull that spectrum shift off as well as Kona. It is too much of a risk without seeing it on a road...
  13. StedeBonnett

    Here’s Antimatter Blue on a Bronco Big Bend 2-Door with MIC top

    I really wanted AMB to be my color - all the recent images have a purple feel not sure what I think about it.
  14. StedeBonnett

    My driving impressions for the 2.3 vs 2.7L engines

    5280 - I really appreciate your write up. I need to do the same and get my butt in the seat - to get a feel for those two engine and drivetrain options. No matter which engine — I have to go with an auto (my wife wants to also drive the Bronco). I'll admit I'm spoiled by the Coyote in my...
  15. StedeBonnett

    The Bike Thread

    just enough to get me into trouble Trek Roscoe 8…
  16. StedeBonnett

    The Carolinas Bronco Club

    Same here > from Gville SC - also reserved an Outer Banks 2DR with Granger
  17. StedeBonnett

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    I'm starting to not feel so bad about my 1,021-mile drive. Playing around on Roadtrippers my best guess is my trip will come in closer to 1,200 miles. I will be curious to see how others chop up their drive home.
  18. StedeBonnett

    Is the 12" screen really an upgrade we all want?

    I'm on the fence but the 12 might be too hard to turn down. I put a Kenwood touchscreen 7 inch in my Mustang - it's the perfect size for the cockpit and IMO the lighting at night is not overwhelming.
  19. StedeBonnett

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    Once we start getting our Bronco's I would love to follow along with everyone's journey home with their Bronco. When the time comes we need a #hashtag