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  1. Possible Bronco Soft Top Rear Opening Feature Pic! + Carbonized Gray Badlands

    Hopefully no zippers. Jeep made this big improvement with the JL soft top.
  2. Badlands - optional wheels and tires look so much bigger..?

    Would like to see this same side profile picture for a 2dr sasquatch to compare..
  3. Interior Photo Collection WIP

    Yes, I have been trying to figure out the dash. In a couple of BL prototype videos the textured top of the dash is said to be soft touch. In the BN video some of the tops are called anodized. I think the front of the dash (vertical piece) that says Bronco is also anodized. Anodizing is what...
  4. Dilemna ... OBX w/ SAS vs. Badlands

    I am going back and forth on the same type of builds btwn the OBX and BL. I actually like the OBX brown/black cloth seats but I am not sure about the desk. I am not a fan of the yellow trim in the BL but could live with it. I wish Ford would let us pick interior accent colors or have them...
  5. Everything Badlands: For Positive and VERY Excited future BL Owners!! Plan & Wait...

    Badlands 2 Door Manual/2.3 Optional Beadlock Wheels Iconic Silver (probably) Lux Wanted Painted Black top (and grill) so have to settle for MIC
  6. Ford Options to AVOID?

    I will 2nd that on aftermarket bumpers. I had 2 different ones rust including an AEV front bumper (one of the top after market brands) on my prior Jeeps. So I just got the factory steel bumpers most recently and no issues.
  7. Wildtrak Race Red 4 Door Bronco w/ Soft Top Down & Keyless Entry Keypad

    2003 is calling and they want their keypad back Otherwise this looks great!
  8. Race Red thread.

    I like race red but I don't like it with orange interior accents on the Badlands....Hope there is choice with interior accents.
  9. Soft Top for the 2-Door

    I will be getting something like this: There is another one out there that costs a little less. Then I will get a bikini top to have with me in case of rain.
  10. 2.3L Engine Ranger Test Drive Experience Review & Videos

    There is a lot of good info being shared here.... Opinions on 2.3 with a manual for the 2 Door? How much turbo lag? Impact of 4.7 gearing? I have driven many manuals but not one with a turbo. How much of a difference will you feel with the Ford performance tune with a 2.3/MT?
  11. Must have DIOs...?

  12. Must have DIOs...?

    What is the 2.3 tune mentioned above? Do Ford dealers do this on their other vehicles? Any link with more info?
  13. For people who asked and got answers at the supercel east. Post them here

    Anyone who was the top of the dash a soft touch material? I thought I heard that in an early video.I hope the entire interior is not all hard, low quality plastic.
  14. My opinions from going to Super Cel East 2020

    OP: thanks for sharing this Is the 2door badlands on 33s or 35s? I asked in another post but haven’t been able to find the answer.
  15. Q&A From Bronco Super Celebration East

    In the video, Does the black 2Dr with the manual have 33s or have they added the Sasquatch?
  16. Iconic Silver Paint Thread

    Although silver is a very popular color I think silver with a shadow black top and grill will look much better and different than the vast majority of silver out there.
  17. Allocation/Reservation Summary and "Real" World Example

    Any idea on how to do this on a Mac in Safari? I opened up Inspect but I am not finding it.
  18. Pics of Marine Grade Vinyl Seats vs Leather Seats in 2021 Bronco - comparison

    I ordered a few free samples from this site. They arrived and I am very impressed. Soft but feel very durable. If the Bronco seats are anything like this material I think we will all be pleased.