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  1. Silver-Bolt

    Does the new Bronco have heated front wiper blades??

    The FJ Cruiser did the exact same thing. The flat windshields don't allow the defroster to heat the glass.
  2. Silver-Bolt

    mpg numbers before December?

    Rotating mass of 33 vs 35's? Increased rolling resistance of the wider tires? A vehicle with 3.73 gears and 33" tires is turning an estinmated 1911 RPM's at 70mph. A vehicle with 4.70 gears and 35" tires is turning roughly 2230 RPM's at 70 mph. Factor in the poor aero's of the Bronco and...
  3. Silver-Bolt

    Does the new Bronco have heated front wiper blades??

    Ford has added a heated wiper "perch" the the windshield of the upscale F-Series. Perhaps the Bronco will get something similar. With the basically flat windshield it needs something. My FJ Cruiser would ice up bad and the defroster was not strong enough to thaw it.
  4. Silver-Bolt

    mpg numbers before December?

    Are you running 4.7 gears and 35's?
  5. Silver-Bolt

    mpg numbers before December?

    NO way will it get 20mpg+. 5000lbs, 4.7 gears, 35's, and the aerodynamics of a dumpster. 14-16 in town and maybe 18 highway.
  6. Silver-Bolt

    two door - any chance they stop producing in the next few years?

    It will be around at least long enough for them to recoup their tooling costs for parts unique to the 2-door. I think in the Jeep world that the 2-door accounts for less than 10% of all Wrangler sales. I would expect the Bronco to be similar.
  7. Silver-Bolt

    35's vs 33's any big differences?

    33's are lighter and narrower than 35's which will help with fuel economy and performance.
  8. Silver-Bolt

    Warthog Spotted in Bay City Michigan

    That would be nice. But I don't see it happening. THey will have their hands full fulfilling orders for the standard Broncos. The WH is additional bodywork/parts, suspension, drive train, wheels, possibly tires. A lot of additional parts to bring online while trying to keep up with orders of...
  9. Silver-Bolt

    Tow Package Question

    As an example, on the F150 the receiver is $231, the wiring harness is $42, and the trailer plug/receptacle is $37. That is from the Ford parts department. Safe to assume that the Bronco parts will be similar in pricing. The Bronco's will come prewired so the harness is plug and play.
  10. Silver-Bolt

    Warthog Spotted in Bay City Michigan

    I seriously doubt that the WH will be officially announced until the 2021 Bronco's have been delivered. My guess is a late 2022 announcement coming out as a 2023.
  11. Silver-Bolt

    Warthog Spotted in Bay City Michigan

    MSRP was $65k. No sales tax in Oregon. DMV was $300ish.
  12. Silver-Bolt

    Factory Rock Rails or Wait for Aftermarket Rails + Steps

    I will do aftermarket for the bumpers and rails. The factory steel bumpers are going to be thin gauge stamped steel. The rails I want a step and further away from the body.
  13. Silver-Bolt

    Warthog Spotted in Bay City Michigan

    My supercrew 802A Raptor MSRP was $65k.
  14. Silver-Bolt

    Decided on a 2-door and feel so much better!

    I love the look of the two door. It will be interesting to see the ride quality of the 2 door vs the 4 door. When we looked at Wranglers the wife was dead set on a 2 door. We drove both and the difference in wheelbase made a huge difference in ride quality. We drove both the same day over...
  15. Silver-Bolt

    Market for stock OEM wheels / tires

    The 315/70/17 tires will be a hit with the Raptor owners.
  16. Silver-Bolt

    Optional " High Clearance Suspension "

    I saw "high clearance fender flares" on the b&p but not suspension.
  17. Silver-Bolt

    Why isn't Tow Package offered on Base?

    They will all be prewired for the trailer harness. Typically a "tow package" has other features other than just the plug and hitch. Oil/trans cooler, etc.
  18. Silver-Bolt

    Why isn't Tow Package offered on Base?

    Looks like the "tow package" is just a $600 receiver hitch?
  19. Silver-Bolt

    Something I haven't seen yet --

    Trunk Monkey.
  20. Silver-Bolt

    dead batteries from idle newer cars (bronco)?

    The short answer is yes. The long answer is that there is parasitic draw on the battery. My 2018 Raptor connects to my home wifi for periodic updates. Ford has a built in safety. As the battery draws down it will go into "deep sleep" which cuts most of the draw. It is still probable that...