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    You do realize most of these smaller engines are polluting more than larger engines of 10 years ago right? Small, direct injection, high compression turbo engines are creating NOx levels associated with Diesel engines, something none of the V8 engines of past years did. Kia/Hyundai have built a...

    Engine size has absolutely zero to do with the environment.

    Liters mattered less in the 1980s when turbo were the in thing, I don’t see much purpose in buying smaller displacement today as much power and economy as larger engines now achieve.

    It’s very much as simple as I state, 0.4L difference. I don’t care if it’s Turbo and supercharged like the tiny Chinese Volvo engines. I don’t want a 2L V8 any more than I want a 2L 4 cylinder. The only purpose of these tiny engines is government compliance.

    I wish there was a big engine option, paying $500+ for a engine 0.4L bigger (and still tiny) is ridiculous in my opinion.
  6. Anyone look at the New Land Rover Defender ????

    If you want a $56k unibody Minivan I would much rather go V8 JGC. If you want a $56K off-roader the Bronco wins hands down.
  7. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    The Lebron James association in today’s climate is a massive hindrance to creating a good intro for this. I can’t believe they haven’t disassociated with him for the sake of this release.
  8. Bronco needs a lift and bigger my humble opinion

    My H2, I can run 38s by cranking my torsion bars but I’m comfortable at 37s for now as they do everything I ask of the truck without hurting power. They also help fill out the wheel wells better than the stock 315/70r17 and tie in everything. There’s also a couple people running 39.5” tires...
  9. Bronco needs a lift and bigger my humble opinion

    I agree, I’m confused by the people that keep acting like 35’s are big. I need to see more normal sized tires that most off-road rigs are running today. I run 37’s with no lift and don’t consider that as a huge tire, more so the next step up from entry level.
  10. Here's the Key Fob for 2021 Bronco

    I wish they would make these things smaller, between my 5 vehicles and motorcycle I have to keep 3 separate key chains so that it doesn’t look like I’m stealing something at every place I go. Hell my older vehicles with key +fob I don’t even take the fob any more, too much bulk and they’re...
  11. Maybe Ford should offer a white top for the 2 door ONLY?

    I wouldn’t consider myself a purist as I also want a V8. But white top just looks a lot better than dreary black or depression gray. I don’t want the Bronco looking like a 2002 Avalanche with a sea of black plastic.
  12. 2021 Bronco Will be First in World to Use Fortiform 980 GI Grade Steel

    Everything sounds good but then you realize that HSS typically cannot be repaired and must be replaced. I suppose if you bend a frame horn in a wreck you can cut out the bad piece and brace in a new piece of steel but it probably wouldn’t take much to total a frame and there by vehicle. I would...
  13. What will the kids remember more?

    For kids they love the fast and loud V8 cars and they put a huge smile on their face everytime. But the SUVs/trucks with the big tires and roaring V8s are what they are going to talk about and they will choose to ride in 9 out of 10 times. I have both an SS sedan and an H2 in 37s, people love...
  14. Rumormill fullsize bronco in the future.

    Well then give me a Mustang sedan with a V8 to compete against my SS sedan, they can put a base 4 cylinder in it for the people that can barely afford the lease payments. It’s not hard to move volume if you have an appealing line up of products, I believe the Bronco will prove that.
  15. Rumormill fullsize bronco in the future.

    I have a good feeling that the Tahoe/Suburban market share is about to take a precipitous fall. The only thing that made the Suburbsn/Tahoe special has been lost and the 2021 looks like a minivan that was stung by a bee. No respectable man would drive the 2021 Suburb/Tahoe; this is coming from a...
  16. Gear ratio to tire size - sasquatch or not?

    Yes 4.70s will keep you in the higher gears and take less energy to get you moving in the lower gears. Power and MPG will be better with the steeper gears for 35s
  17. Rumormill fullsize bronco in the future.

    Expedition has been a mommy mobile ever since it lost its rear axle. It’s like comparing the Bronco to the Explorer. Bring out an actual SUV with a V8, open top, at least one solid axle and I’m game.
  18. Which power train won't be a lemon?

    You tell me, my 2.7L F150 WT decided to leave me on the side of the road 1,000 miles from home after the turbo failed.
  19. Grumblings from the Land Rover "Defender" community, they want a Bronco

    If that’s the case why are you on the Bronco forum rather than the sport forum. Since by all means the closer competitor to the Defender would be the Bronco sport. I saw probably the second new defender I’ve seen in the wild today and I’m pretty sure the Subaru sitting next to it had it beat on...
  20. Base Model Bronco Thread

    That’s not bad then.