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  1. Let's help Ford help us.

    Sound Deadening with any Carpet selection/ or any Sound system upgrade!!! Smooth and quiet.

    UMmm...maximize profit.
  3. 33" A/T on sasquatch

    Are you sure? In some states it would be a felony to change the tire size on a vehicle you own!
  4. More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    I hope whatever interior plans are final, they reflect the Off Road nature of the vehicle. Easy to clean, hard to get dirty, etc.. The number of guys going Off-Road, in the dirt and mud is going to be huge, this isn't their mama's go to church on Sunday car. Some of the interior options read...
  5. North of border vs South of border pricing

    The Bronco sport may be way less in Mexico, as that is where they are going to be built, the ford plant in hermosillo mexico. I don't know about the federal taxes from the three but I think Mexico taxes made in mexico less than the US or Canada.
  6. Biggest Concern(s)?

    You don't have to buy from a dealer offering to save you money-buy from any Ford dealer you like, it's your money, spend it any way you want to.
  7. Biggest Concern(s)?

    It was reported, and on this site, that ford was still doing testing. I know they've tested most of the guts, in the Ranger, and have for years. It is reasonable to read this as, "Ford is still testing those parts that haven't been tested a lot". The first thing that comes to mind is the MT88...
  8. No reason to get a V-8"

    I know in top fuel, 10,000 HP is not uncommon. No, I did not add a zero, that is ten thousand horse power, are they running a V8, yes indeed. Only those that are poorly informed believe that as a platform the V8 can't get it done. Just because one mfg doesn't put the heat to their V8, doesn't...
  9. I don't understand it, big tires equal no roof rack?

    I guess the warthog is going to be wider than the F150, as the F150 does not have three lights in the middle of the roof like a raptor or 350. Thanks for sharing your expertise!
  10. Black roof - can you just wait for it?

    No, it will never be available, do not wait.
  11. I don't understand it, big tires equal no roof rack?

    I've had a chance to RIDE in a diesel bison, southern AZ- that is a very capable off-road vehicle. I really liked its ride and range. It aint cheap, but I'm sure you're not disappointed when you go off road.
  12. Hesitant to Order/Reserve Before Test Drive

    I can't imagine anyone faulting you for wanting to see and drive a vehicle prior to buying it. But if you are planning on purchasing a manual with the 2.3 four banger, you may not get a chance to test drive one. You'd be surprised how many "professional car salesmen" do not know how to drive a...
  13. I love you all.

    I just pulled this off Amazon: WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric 12V DC Winch with Synthetic Rope: 3/8" Diameter x 90' Length, 5 Ton (10,000 lb) Pulling Capacity 4.8 out of 5 stars 313 $729.99$729.99 I hope this helps you, as it's (as you can see) it's only $730, that is a big savings over the$$...
  14. I love you all.

    Yes sir! Once you've gotten your crew together and all the planning done etc., please post route, gear etc., I know a lot of guys on this board will be very interested, I know I will. Are you planning the entire 800 mile run?
  15. Signature LED Headlights Aftermarket

    Only $800 for the Upgrade, man that is reasonable. I guess once you subtract the cost of the original LEDs, and add $800, you're still getting a super duper price! I can't believe everyone that can order this deal isn't getting it!!!
  16. No manual with mid-package

    2.7 with a manual??? According to many, and lots of them are on this very board, almost no one wants a manual 4x4. Yes, around the world they do, but here they do not. A lot of guys say, "I'd love a manual, but the wife says, "No, and I always obey her". So, I guess any hope of every seeing a...
  17. Buying now or later?

    I just hope all the guys that are out for now, aren't those guys that will be hitting the trails in first week of ownership! I'm looking forward to seeing all those Broncos climbing the trails, getting a mud bath, and conquering those hills!!!
  18. Sound System Upgrade Question

    Are you getting enough power (quality power/near zero distortion) with the system, whereby those $500 speakers can deliver high quality sound? I have no doubt they can be much louder.
  19. Sound System Upgrade Question

    How hard do you think it will be to connect after market devices to the Ford electrical set up? From my own experience the "info tainment centers" are not a plug and play kinda setup.