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  1. coolrain

    Brakes? Nobody talking about the Bronco brakes...

    Don’t they have to publish stopping distance?
  2. coolrain

    Marine grade vinyl durability

    There’s a few threads on this but think of it this way..... it’s like anything else depends on use and care so the answer is very subjective. Should hold up as good or better than any other materials
  3. coolrain

    Ford Options to AVOID?

    worth the $100 if you live in a cold area (ever gets below 5 F) in fact more cars should have them. Prevents engine damage and extends the life.
  4. coolrain

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Thought it was lifetime... no?
  5. coolrain

    My Badlands build and associated B&P problems

    Wonder if this is the "additional sound deadening materials" in the high package? Anyone know what this is?
  6. coolrain

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Maintenance needs documented (details... would suggest a Ford dealer only so it in the system Repairs need to be there if within a 100 miles at breakdown, otherwise you have to call and get approval What I understood from the warranty details ( on here like 10 -15 pages ago)
  7. coolrain

    Any concerns of a first year model, during a pandemic, under allocation, about vehicle safety?

    Ford follows a strict process (Six Sigma among others) during manufacturing in order to avoid serous safety concerns. A pandemic won’t change any of this, it’s about man power and supply chain. This is why some will not see their rig in 21. Minor bugs should be expected, it’s good that the power...
  8. coolrain

    Ford Changes How Broncos are Allocated - But Doesn’t Want You to Know

    would be my guess - yes and that will piss off even more people.......
  9. coolrain

    Ford Changes How Broncos are Allocated - But Doesn’t Want You to Know

    honestly everyone is over thinking this. While I agree reservations should be honored before dealer allocation everyone has to understand them building similar models together in addition building the rigs that are in a similar geography for logistics reasons. Will be interesting to see if they...
  10. coolrain

    two door - any chance they stop producing in the next few years?

    The tooling, molds, etc. cost a lot of money. They are not just going to toss the investment out.
  11. coolrain

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Girl Friend did the Carvana thing and had a very easy and fun experience. I checked to see about the pricing and it was below what the local stealerships had listed so even if she spent the 4 hours+ trying to get a better deal it would have mist likely been equivalent. Now they just need to do...
  12. coolrain

    Buying this as a present and no little about trucks/SUVs

    One thing missing - your reservation.... if you are just now reserving your into 2022... may want to hold off to buy the actual 22 model