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  1. Lindy08

    Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    I've been off here for a few days, I just got on B&P, wheres the option for Black modular top?
  2. Lindy08

    What YouTube Channels Do You Binge?

    Garand Thumb Hoovies Garage VinWiki
  3. Lindy08

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Where's the radio antenna gonna go?
  4. Lindy08

    Soft Top for the 2-Door

    I did not look that closely apparently, I'm not really interested in the soft top, I just figured they'd be crazy not to sell a soft top or have a soft top as an option. I had dual tops on my old JK, and I didn't have much use for the soft top. Felt like I was gettin beat to death on the highway.
  5. Lindy08

    Soft Top for the 2-Door

    Did I miss something? No option for soft top on 2D?
  6. Lindy08


    Good to know, I was quoted $400-$500 by local body shop.
  7. Lindy08


    I spoke with my local Line-X dealer and they recommended not using white. They stated that the Line-X texture captures dust will change color over time.
  8. Lindy08

    Outer Banks tires - what larger size upgrade possible without lift?

    so, if that is the case, one would be better off if ever in the future they were going to add larger tires correct?
  9. Lindy08

    The Do(u)g Thread

    Is Porkchop Area51& Cactus Grey? or?
  10. Lindy08

    Outer Banks tires - what larger size upgrade possible without lift?

    and what would that gearing (4.27 or whatever) do to the stock tires?
  11. Lindy08

    Outer Banks tires - what larger size upgrade possible without lift?

    OBX comes with 32" tires, would it really need to be re-geared for 33"s? I realize stock tires are a different profile tire than if you went with say, 33" KO2s.
  12. Lindy08

    Pancakes and waffles...

    You have forced me to do this. You are now mocking me and making me look ridiculous. Just say, "I love crepes."
  13. Lindy08

    Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    Didn't they also say you could only get the sasquatch in automatic?
  14. Lindy08

    Anyone wanting an option to upgrade OBX tires to at least the band lands 33’s?

    I’ve been thinking about this from the jump. What wheel size has the most options on tire sizing? 15/16/17? Looking at KO2s, there were fewer tire options for 18”
  15. Lindy08

    Color Flip Flopping-Post Yours

    oxford white to cactus gray to area 51 and now I'm vibing with Velocity Blue
  16. Lindy08

    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    My res number is too good to cancel & I'm in desperate need of a new vehicle. I hope they get a billion more tho!
  17. Lindy08

    Dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco, particular trim, or option??

    Outer Banks because I think black fenders makes it look too much like a jeep for my liking.