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  1. calgecko

    What Will be the Punishment for Owners Installing Angry-Eyed Grills?

    swap out the seats with that ugly camouflage pattern... that'll teach 'em.
  2. calgecko

    Want to end up with 33s - Black Diamond or Badlands?

    you betcha - when you're looking at the Bronco page, click the "compare models button :) "
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    Garage Door on Aux Switches?

    absolutely, it's a 'thing'. a standard battery powered garage door opener is ALWAYS active - basically it's like leaving a key to the front door of your house prominently on the dash of your vehicle. Anyone could smash a window and then have easy access to your house/garage. With the...
  4. calgecko

    Premium fuel!

    I've got the 2.3 in my Mustang - and it's night/day going from 87 to 91. for a difference of about $2.00 per tankful, I don't know why anyone would go with a lower grade fuel.
  5. calgecko

    tons of new stuff from moab expo on bronco nation instagram

    brushless motors are waterproof. it can be done
  6. calgecko

    Does the new Bronco have heated front wiper blades??

    I have never heard of this feature
  7. calgecko

    Harlequin edition???

  8. calgecko

    mpg numbers before December?

    I'm in the same boat, man ... this is gonna be a daily driver for me - about 45 miles a day. I might get it Off-road a handful of times a year.. as much as I LOVE the looks of the 35's - it sounds like it's a significant impact to MPG... so I think I'll stick with the Badlands and the stock 33"...
  9. calgecko

    Badlands - optional wheels and tires look so much bigger..?

    I can live with that !! :love: Thanks... pretty sure I'm close to having my final build figured out
  10. calgecko

    Badlands - optional wheels and tires look so much bigger..?

    I'm a bit confused... I'm putting together my build for a 2.7 Badlands 4 door - and the stock wheels and tires look ok, but I really like the look of the optional (non squatch) wheels and tires... both the stock and upgraded tires are both listed as 285/70/17, but one is an AT and one is a MT -...
  11. calgecko

    MIC top or soft top

    does anyone know (on the 4 door), if it's equipped with a soft top - does the hard top fit over the soft top and frame when it's retracted, or does the entire soft top and frame need to be completely removed from the vehicle prior to putting it on?
  12. calgecko

    Is Ford throwing us a bone after the manual/Mid Package debacle?

    2.7 auto 4 door Wildtrak with OBX roasted leather interior would be my dream ride ... I'll likely end up going with a 2.7 4 door OBX (just so I can get that interior) and adding Sasquatch to it.. the only way I'd be interested in a 2.7 Manual would be if it significantly dropped the price ($1500+)
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    in all honesty, 98% of my driving will be on pavement - but if and when I do decide to take it offroad, I want it to be capable... but I also want to look good (all the time). I'm leaning towards either the Wildtrak or a Sasquatched OBX (just so I can get that roasted leather interior)... are...
  14. calgecko

    Black Diamond has the best interior. Prove me wrong.

    you are 200% correct - that's actually my color of choice (VB), and I"m loving the color combo.
  15. calgecko

    Black Diamond has the best interior. Prove me wrong.

    The Roasted Leather interior in the OBX is my favorite of all the interiors.. I love how they used the color on the dash too - it's freaking beautiful. This has me seriously considering building up an OBX instead of getting a Badlands or WT, just for the interior alone.
  16. calgecko

    Sound System Upgrade Question

    Does anyone know if any other vehicles from Ford (that are currently available) are optional with the B&O system? I'm curious to hear it. My 2016 Mustang has the Shaker 500 system in it, and I added a Rockford Fosgate powered 8" woofer box to the trunk - it's perfect for me - I'm curious how...
  17. calgecko

    X-plan. Jim Farley is listening, at least

    Update.... fingers crossed... . not gonna hold my breath, but his response to my Twitter conversation gives me some hope.
  18. calgecko

    X-plan. Jim Farley is listening, at least

    both of you are at the extreme ends of the scale. I'm 50 and am on my 14th vehicle - I've had some cars that I've kept as long as 7 years, others that I got rid of within a month (actually, that was a Jeep of all things) .. .