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  1. broncobuster2550

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Voids the warranty on what? The headlights you just removed?
  2. broncobuster2550

    Brakes? Nobody talking about the Bronco brakes...

    There will be two different sets of brakes.
  3. broncobuster2550

    Call your shot: B&P surprises

    That last trim level
  4. broncobuster2550

    More Warthog images

    Whooooo that is gonna be one extensive part list you'll rack up then!
  5. broncobuster2550

    (VIDEO) Multiple Bronco Warthogs on the road with closeups [TFL]

    No offense to the artist, the real product is much more wild.
  6. broncobuster2550

    Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    +1 hour delay to B&P
  7. broncobuster2550

    Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    You guys will get a real kick out of this variant ;)
  8. broncobuster2550

    Ford two piece lugnuts on the bronco?

    In my experience the beauty cap only gets all chewed up with excessive ugga dugga. Using breaker bars and torque wrenches on my wheels have produced no issues over 7 years.
  9. broncobuster2550

    (UPDATE: NOT WHITE TOP) - First look at a WHITE TOP Bronco + Lineup of All Six Trims

    White top looks so good in person. I'm definitely sold, just can't decide on exterior color.
  10. broncobuster2550

    Another Paint Color Thread

    Couple surprises in the works, stay tuned :)
  11. broncobuster2550

    Pineapple Pizza Sticker!

    This is cool, but can someone design one to take the shape of the fender shield badge? I'd like to convert my Black Diamond to a Pineapple Pizza edition :D
  12. broncobuster2550

    Help With Lockers, Bumpers and Stuff Requested (Base vs BD?)

    Ohhh the smile on your face when you're driving up a steep, loose incline, start spinning a back tire, and activating that locker gets you up and over like magic. Worth every penny :)
  13. broncobuster2550

    Rear seats, how will you use them?

    My 2-dr backseats will become a spare couch for my house.
  14. broncobuster2550

    How can I do this in my Bronco?

    There will be an accessory for this, actually.
  15. broncobuster2550

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Every time you make a B&P post we delay the launch another hour
  16. broncobuster2550

    Messin’ With Sasquatch (Ford)

    I can confirm that the B&P will launch with a free downloadable copy of Half-Life 3. Stay tuned.