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  1. Southside_Ray

    Velocity Blue - Still Late Availability?

    Wished I could find an official post from Ford on late availability for this. I was all in on rapid red, but the more I see VB the more I love it!
  2. Southside_Ray

    Closeup pics of dark gray MIC top - in sun vs shade

    I think at this point it'll be easier to paint that door piece gray then the whole top black/other color. I hope Ford realizes that this is wrong to have those bad of conflicting colors on a brand new vehicle...
  3. Southside_Ray

    Let's help Ford help us.

    Here's hoping that as a future base owner we get a few more options to choose from. C'mon Ford I want to give you guys a little more money.
  4. Southside_Ray

    What adventures do you have planned?

    Definitely down for another visit to the Badlands, black hills, yellowstone, first visit to the smokey mountains, Iowa to key west in the winter, but Iowa back roads mostly in the summer, with the top down 😍
  5. Southside_Ray

    When will Ford shut down reservations?

    Yes, I pre-ordered at the beginning of August.
  6. Southside_Ray

    two door - any chance they stop producing in the next few years?

    I believe the fusion still sold over 100,000 cars last year. I agree with the government mandated profitability issue.
  7. Southside_Ray

    Ford - Take the Dash USB Ports Out of Lux

    I plan on adding a GPS, phone mount, radar detector, and maybe a gopro or dash cam mount for those wondering. I am REALLY needing power up there 😩
  8. Southside_Ray

    Ford - Take the Dash USB Ports Out of Lux

    This missing feature/package annoys me. I plan on going aftermarket for the picatinny bar already (since I cannot find it anywhere on the B & P) but it'll suck if I have to find some way of getting 12v or wall outlets up there aftermarket wise....
  9. Southside_Ray

    Anyone Changing Color Due to MIC Top Announcement?

    To each their own, but I just cannot do white as a vehicle color choice.
  10. Southside_Ray

    Anyone Changing Color Due to MIC Top Announcement?

    From all the photos I've seen it doesn't match the (plastic) bumpers, door handles, or door window frames, at least on the two door base that I'm looking at purchasing.
  11. Southside_Ray

    Anyone Changing Color Due to MIC Top Announcement?

    I'm thinking carbonized gray looks better with the awful gray top, for me it's that or my original choice of rapid red.
  12. Southside_Ray

    Tow Package Question

    This is all we know right now. With how overpriced some things are on the B&P I'm betting you don't get much more then a hitch & wiring, but at this price I'm definitely going aftermarket.
  13. Southside_Ray

    ATTN: Standard Transmission Base Buyers

    This thread makes me completely rethink my build so I can squeeze in an extended warranty now...
  14. Southside_Ray

    Why isn't Tow Package offered on Base?

    Well I see this as a win, because it appears all you get is the hitch & wiring. I can get both for half as much elsewhere. Thanks for saving me money Ford!
  15. Southside_Ray

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    So I'm seeing no tow package for base? 😕
  16. Southside_Ray

    Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Doors and Trim: 2dr base Color: rapid red/we'll see lol Engine and Transmission: 2.3L & Auto Roof: MIC 😑 Sasquatch: No Packages: N/A Interior: we'll see Options: towing, aux switches, light bar if possible DIO: No I'll really have to see what options are available for the base trim tomorrow. I...
  17. Southside_Ray

    Loyalty Poll

    MY question is, has granger said they will renig on the $300 off for xplan? This was never about corporate Ford taking a random dollar amount off.
  18. Southside_Ray

    Spam takeover

    A few times when ilve logged on early (pre 4am) I've seen a bunch of chinese threads. My guess is this happens often, most of us just never see it because the admins get rid quickly!
  19. Southside_Ray

    POLL: Are you buying from Granger?

    Answered that I pre-ordered from Granger, but I am still debating on what I want to do regarding the repreorder for 2k off.