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    Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Me driving my Corvette at Road America in Elkhart Lake Wis
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    Scott Kilmer Bronco video (time killer)

    I enjoy some of his videos. I'd enjoy them even more if his waving arms were in handcuffs while filming. It's like they guy is trying to flag down a 747
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    DIY Sasquatch on non factory Sasquatch

    What I failed to mention is this is a workaround for the guy who doesn't care about lockers and beefed up transfer case ect. I really want the factory squatch package myself, but if the price comes in crayzay high, I likely won't. This would be my DD. The extent of 4x4ing would be in snowstorms...
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    DIY Sasquatch on non factory Sasquatch

    An idea I haven't seen posted. Probably has. It's a workaround for the guy who has sticker shock on the squatch package and forced auto trans upgrade and doesn't want to spend the money when all he wanted was a Bronco that sits a bit higher on 35 inch rubber. I'm wondering if a guy can order a...
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    2 door rear seats NOT removable

    Indeed. I also have a torch and cutting wheel.
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    Granger Ford - Changing Dealerships Thread

    The delivery picture page/thread here on B6G is a great idea. 👍
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    Iconic Silver Paint Thread

    Silver is in my top 3. One of the colors that you know exactly what you're getting without having to see in person. Plus it mates well with the forced black pieces such as flares and mirrors (base)
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    What Color Top do you want

    I want a body colored top, not a mini cooper, trailblazer, copy cat
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    Granger Ford - Changing Dealerships Thread

    Hi Albert, I have you as my dealer. Velocity blue is my first choice. What is the Intel regarding this flavor? Constraint or late offering?
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    Anyone prefer the smaller tire look?

    The only reason I'm in line for a Bronco, and on this site, is because of the squatch package. If the new Bronco only came like any other soccer mommy SUV, I'd buy a Blazer.
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    Wisconsin Roll Call

    Granger myself.
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    Let’s talk front license plate

    In the past 8 years I have bought 5 new Corvettes and have never run a front plate on any of them and never had a problem even though they are required by stupid law. On my plow truck I have a front plate but it is unviewable with plow on. On the Bronco I plan to run with a front plate.
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    Packaging Prices

    I was thinking squatch would be more like $6000 but I hope you're right. 👍
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    Whats your hobbies!

    My favorite pastime is twisting caps off of beer bottles.
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    Base Model Bronco Thread

    I'm in for a base 2 door with the squatch package. It's too bad Ford is holding back on the options cost, it's as if to lead everyone on. Drip drip. Ford knows damn well what these packages and options will cost right now. If the squatch package turns out to be 7K, I'll likely walk and buy...
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    Bronco "Interactive Garage" lets you color and modify with aftermarket parts

    I made 8 or 10 attempts and the site locks up after entering the year, model, and submodel. I never got to the configure page.
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    How many reservations has your dealer received?

    I spoke with Granger Ford today and they are over 200
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    Wisconsin Roll Call

    In August, that is great, thanks!
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    Wisconsin Roll Call

    Got in the reserve system today. Am in for a base and want the s'quatch package and 2.7 V6. Sure wish the manual was available with this engine. Also would love to know the cost of these options. I called 3 Ford dealers today and their lack of knowledge was surprising. Unsure on color which is...