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  1. Ksjrb03

    Built Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon Side by Side Look

    I think your forgetting about the Bronco2.
  2. Ksjrb03

    Built Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon Side by Side Look

    This picture makes it so apparent the Bronco needs more lift. Whoever comes out with a 2” lift first is going to make a killing. I’ll be first in line.
  3. Ksjrb03

    First Edition Tow Package

    I dont think its currently an option for any 4 door with squatch.
  4. Ksjrb03

    Sasquarch roof racks restricted from factory due to issues with GVWR; can still be installed aftermarket

    yes rollover concerns. Testing still in progress, that’s what they built all those Broncos for recently, various safety testing. Hopefully everything passes and we get our roof rack options soon.
  5. Ksjrb03

    Forget the Accessories

    My source tells me a lot of this stuff missing in b&p is due to testing that is not complete yet. Like rollover testing with certain packages (squatch) and load on roof. That’s what they built all those Broncos for last several weeks. Little patience.
  6. Ksjrb03

    More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    I just spent 20 minutes dusting off a Twitter account and password to pile on. Please everyone that cares do the same. Let’s light this CEO up! Don’t be a dick, just let him know how much navy pier sucks ass and we hate it. 😀
  7. Ksjrb03

    Warthog Spotted in Bay City Michigan

    Raptors are still getting ADM around here, and you will never find a base one as it wouldn’t sell.
  8. Ksjrb03

    Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    So we know why B&P was delayed. Sucks the modular top won’t be available, I’ll take the discount and buy it later. But wtf do I do with the ugly gray one when I replace it.
  9. Ksjrb03

    Schedule of Bronco Colors to be Released on other vehicles by Year-End

    Dont forget cactus gray on the mustang (fighter jet gray).
  10. Ksjrb03

    What will factory tint be like?

    Anybody have experience with the new "ceramic" tints? Have a couple friends who have done ceramic recently, one loves it the other said it was a waste of $. Different shops/cities so Im sure there are different products out there.
  11. Ksjrb03

    Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    I think that’s pretty ugly, but the tech, features, and interior are pretty awesome. EVs are not for me though. Main thing I got from this reveal is now I’m super stoked for a full size Bronco in a few years.
  12. Ksjrb03

    Reality Check.... Mate

    4 pages and no one posted what the real warthog reference is.
  13. Ksjrb03

    Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    My only takeaway from this post is, that fucking safari bar still covers the Bronco letters? Wtf.
  14. Ksjrb03

    What Will You Buy That Tows More Than 3500, Instead?

    I will always own a super duty for towing.
  15. Ksjrb03

    Rear vents for A/C Air Conditioning in 4 Door Bronco Are Located Under Front Seats

    Don't hold your breath. The Ranger still doesn't have them, the Bronco vents are just a copy/paste from the Ranger.
  16. Ksjrb03

    Cyber Orange OBX Sighting/Impressions (no pics)

    I never saw it until that video of the yellow OBX. First reaction was that looks like a fucking flex with an ugly gray roof.
  17. Ksjrb03

    2.7 exhaust upgrades?

    Anyone have experience with the ford performance exhaust kits?