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  1. Removable roofs and possibility of leaks?

    I never had a problem with my 15 JKU, even if I didn't re-install the mushroom knobs, and even after damaging the front seal with the best top for hard tops. And this is through torrential downpours in Florida where I couldn't even see. So I'm not concerned with the hard top and doors on. Now...
  2. Reselling right away -- Resale Value of Bronco right upon delivery?

    I'm not interested in buying or selling, but on the tax issue, you could always lease initially, pay the small fee, then you sell the lease. No need for title, you only pay taxes on part, and you're leveraging the finance companies dollars. Now some lease companies are easier to work with than...
  3. Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    But aren't you then getting a free hard top? They discount your price by 1900, thenbgivecyoubthr MIC?
  4. Roll call for those satisfied with B&P

    Exactly, I'm hoping this holds out and wasn't just a mistake. I was able to add in a few of the other options and keep it at my same price !
  5. Compiled list of issues / bugs with Bronco Build & Price

    Well, we might not get it for free, but the price guide does say that it is included, so the B&P is just mirroring the price guide. " 10-Speed Automatic Transmission (NOTE: Standard on all 4-Door; Standard on all 2-Door with 2.7L Engine; Standard on 2-Door Advanced 4x4 with 2.3L Engine...
  6. Roll call for those satisfied with B&P

    For those that were curious regarding the pricing of the automatic transmission, I saw this in the order guide. 10-Speed Automatic Transmission (NOTE: Standard on all 4-Door; Standard on all 2-Door with 2.7L Engine; Standard on 2-Door Advanced 4x4 with 2.3L Engine; Optional on 2-Door Standard...
  7. Roll call for those satisfied with B&P

    I'm satisfied. We have the pricing for the options now. Yes, you can and can't add certain items and some of the contingencies seem wonky, but at least you can see the option prices and have something to work from.
  8. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I think they charged 800 for the advanced 4x4, as the sas package says 5000, but price increases by 5800. Anyway, just did a basic build, 2 dr base, sas, 2.7l, Auto and it comes out to $37,680 with delivery! If that is true, much cheaper than I would have thought!
  9. Build & Price | Who failed/LIED? Marketing or Product management?

    Exactly. We have the basic pricing and option costs confirmed. The contingencies aren't worked out, but hopefully those will get fixed.
  10. Best Florida Dealer?

    It's an easy drive straight down 75, one that I've made many times on my way back from Ohio. You can also get cheap plane tickets to there, I think $100 or less one way, but I hope to make it part of a trip to visit family and road trip back.
  11. Stephens Auto "Roll-Call"

    Actually no, with all that's going on I figured I'd made the switch now as the Stephens deal is good and I don't think anyone here local will beat it, less so now that no one has to worry about the competition selling for X-plan. Plus it's a drive I make every year anyway.
  12. Stephens Auto "Roll-Call"

    Date-stamp = 7/23 Date-switched = 10/20 Location: Melbourne, FL 2 Dr. Base
  13. Want a 2021 Ford Bronco? One for sale

    That's probably some sort of automated add they gathered from a local dealer that has the Broncos listed on their website....but that is just to order them even though they sort of show up as in inventory when you search their available vehicles!
  14. My driving impressions for the 2.3 vs 2.7L engines

    thanks for the write up. This is the comparison I’ve been wanting to do myself and it definitely provides a good comparison of the two motors in similar weight with the auto. Wish we could try this out also with the manual!
  15. Going to request Bronco delivery (non preparation) -- leave any plastic on interior & exterior

    I actually got a ticket on my MR2 Spyder in 2001 as I refused to put the bracket on. I would actually put the plate in the front windshield as the regulation said had to be visible from the front, they said not good enough....and no I wasn't speeding at that time.
  16. Rethinking the 2-Door

    We have a lot of state parks here that have them. Some are still isolated but some are not. But how else do you camp in FL in the summer. Winter time it's ok, but then you have to plan a year out to get a good site. I would consider a RTT for winter trips and maybe tow a bike with me to get...
  17. Rethinking the 2-Door

    I use one of those portable units that you use a hose to vent the hot air out and has a drain tube for the water. I thought about the window shaker, but then I have to modify the tent, and sometimes I take a different tent with me so this is a little more flexible. I plug this into an outlet...
  18. Maybe there'll be a good surprise for Bronco pricing, like the Mach-E price drop

    Didn't Jeep raise their prices this year? I know they did for the Gladiator a significant amount even though they aren't selling well. Not so sure about the Wrangler changes.
  19. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Sport S also adds power windows, power locks, keyless entry, alloy wheels vs. steelies and and a couple of others. You can easily live without most, but in a 4 door without power windows was miserable with a kid and a opens the window when you don't want them and the other you want...
  20. Cargo/Interior room argument. I saw the Light.

    I’ve always found room! So I’m sure the Bronco will have room!