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    ...but I want it
  2. Video: Bronco testing in Johnson Valley! (Posted by Loren Healy, Champion off-road racer)

    Just when I was set on 2 door to put that money into Squatch, V6 and other add ons....this looks so good!! Ugh the indecision
  3. Bronco Build & Price date

    I thought so too, but I feel like it's really not that much more orange in the outdoor pics we got last week :/
  4. Bronco Build & Price date

    I honestly had the opposite reaction to this pic. The CGI 2-door on the Bronco main page is exactly the color I like, and for some reason the running footage from the release vid looks waaay more orange than what we see coming out of the factory. This and the 4-door OBX that have come out are...
  5. The 2021 Bronco almost had a fold down windshield

    Yup, the original WW2 Jeeps had no overhead frame/roll bars and the only thing sticking above the level of the hood was the windshield. Fold that down and bam, way easier to package and ship. Jeep keeps doing it as a heritage thing, when it in all reality is just a “look at us, we’re based in...
  6. The 2021 Bronco almost had a fold down windshield

    Same here. This feels like the most gimmicky feature on Jeeps IMO. I don’t think anyone who enjoys and wants the open air driving experiences takes off their doors and roof and decides “you know what would be better? Wind directly in my eyeballs at 45mph” I also don’t really see the merits of...
  7. Ford's "new" diesels sold around the world, will Bronco offer one soon?

    Before the bronco came out I was looking a bit at the new GM 1500s as well as the 3.0 powerstroke. Not necessarily to buy, but definitely intrigued and maybe taking notes for an upgrade in the next few years. I haven’t driven them so I can’t give any impressions but I still think I would take...
  8. Ford's "new" diesels sold around the world, will Bronco offer one soon?

    My two cents from owning a crew cab GMC Canyon with the 2.8 Duramax (181hp, 369 lb-ft engine) for the last 2 years: I don’t think I would do a small diesel again. It has been really cool to have, but a couple things are making me dislike it: -POWER. Period. The torque is great, and while I...
  9. Anyone else dislike the wheel offset on the Squatch ?

    ahhh ok, I missed that part. Point still stands on the aftermarket tires, the race red front shot above is definitely proof of that OEM offset is way more positive than those 15 52s.
  10. Anyone else dislike the wheel offset on the Squatch ?

    One big thing to consider is, this actually isn’t a squatch. I believe they said in the video/interviews with people in the ground that’s it’s a normal Badlands that has the aftermarket 15 52 wheels on it. From what I know about aftermarket off-road wheels, they are usually a more aggressive...
  11. Black Steel Wheels on Completed Bronco Black Diamond

    Black Diamond model for sure. BD comes standard with those painted steelies and with General Grabber ATs. It's nice to see what look like close-to-completed trims being pumped out by the factory instead of the Frankensteins. BD is a model I'm considering and I'd like to know how it looks...
  12. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    Hey if you like it, more power to you and one more color to choose from! I like the rapid red on the OBX concept, but personally didn’t like it with the MIC gray in those pics. Most of the people that didn’t like the MIC Gray to begin with are voicing their opinions on it in that thread.
  13. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    Still waiting on B&P to figure out if I’m going Basesquatch/Big Bend/Black Diamond. If not Basesquatch, then I’ll definitely be going Cactus Gray, if I end up Basesquatch, Carbonized Gray looks the coolest to me out of all the base available colors. Regardless, I’m glad I don’t have to worry...