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  1. The toys have MIC tops too. :(

    So SFA is an option now?
  2. Front License Plate Mounting Location

    I don't know... they have cheaped out and made the things razor thin now!
  3. high-level instrument panel

    That would have been really nice completely digitized!
  4. Bronco First Edition: Boring Subtitle

    First edition-No white top here either
  5. Texas Buyers Group: THE OFFER & THE DEALERSHIP – Finally!

    "Colorado-We're amazing because we were Texas once!"
  6. Onboard door storage with sliding tailgate?

    That HAS to be hinged or removable in some way. We've seen pics of the jack storage beneath the floor. I can't imagine blocking access to the jack or making a secondary spot for it just for an accessory. Maybe the slides/tray mount to the floor at the existing tie down points, then the top just...
  7. Discount Tire ( has the 2021 Bronco listed now

    I checked wheels for Base and Badlands and it showed no results. Didn't bother for tires since they're much more universal
  8. Early Bronco Orders/Expected December Delivery

    I HATE that kind of salesman! Was looking at Explorer/Expedition a few years ago and saleman wanted to show me an Escape! Yea, not the same dude!
  9. Aftermarket receiver hitch availability?

    It shouldn't take too long to hit market for this. Ford is already making them, they'll be very easy to copy and /or modify for consumer install. As an example, I have a 2020 Explorer, which is the first year for the 6th generation on a new platform. I was able to purchase a hitch in June 20...
  10. Why is destination charge so much?

    Ya know, I get that there's a cost to ship/deliver. But you can't really sell the thing WITHOUT delivering it (not on a mass scale anyway). I just despise the fact that its separated out and called by name. Just include it in the price, since everyone is paying the same anyway. It's just like...
  11. Dash USB / Picatinny

    I believe I saw that the rail can be added to all trim levels, but you have to run a cord over the the front of the dash unless you get Lux.
  12. Tow hitch on the base model?

    I've seen hitches on everything from corvettes to Honda civic and VW bug, no reason one couldn't be done that i could imagine
  13. Ford Options to AVOID?

    Your missing the wiring harness/plug for trailer lights...and labor. I installed aftermarket on my 20 explorer, and the 18 edge before that, both without the wiring. Theyre a bit of hassle to install, a second set of hands is very helpful. Both required exhaust to be lowered. Explorer required...
  14. 2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    On the subject of Mid package causing the manual trans to drop and the possibility of the remote start being the cause... for BD at least-if you open transmission details the 7M states it "requires 2.3, includes granny gear and CRANK IN GEAR FUNCTION, and hill descent control. If it can "crank...
  15. B&P "oddities"... starting to think the Bronco is UnSafe?

    there's safe enough for me to drive and trust...... then there's NHSTA safe! Believe me, they're not even close to each other.
  16. Sneaky B&P stuff...

    under radio type, pic the far right but now I notice the two prices don't even match edit: just realized I'm in BD, NOT BL