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  1. Built Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon Side by Side Look

    both look good. The Jeep's looks won't likely change much in the years to come. Since Jeepers like that iconic look. The Bronco on the other hand will likely see more dramatic cosmetic upgrades for the future. A nice 2" lift on that Bronco will make it look perfect. Probably the first mod I'll...
  2. tons of new stuff from moab expo on bronco nation instagram

    I'm really dissapointed electronic seats aren't offered. I'd rather have that than the option to rinse out of floor. Or put some water proofing around the electronics.
  3. Donut Door Dreams Aren't Dead!

  4. Big Bend beats Black Diamond!

    Out of all the features I wish they didn't have the turn assist standard on all the models/trims w/e. It's probably a $500+ feature and how many times you think someone will actually use it to justify the cost? I'd rather it be left out and save me the $.
  5. Well, that does it... I'm leaving the FB group.

    I applaud you sir. I would probably get myself banned to #nofilter. Doing that defeats the entire purpose of what their built to do.
  6. Aftermarket receiver hitch availability?

    Although it's a little steep. The time and labor involved if removing the bumper and installing the new one is time consuming and expensive if a shop dies it. You won't be saving much if any at all, if they would just fo it to begin with.
  7. Will the Bronco have start and stop technology at stop lights ?

    There will be aftermarket than can disable it. And likely through forscan as well so don't worry if your anti start stop.
  8. Might be getting an answer soon about the 2.7 w/ auto for $1,895

    S The 1895 seems fair. The extra turbo is ~$500. Bigger manafold and engine for $1400 sounds right.
  9. Why is destination charge so much?

    In a sense. But then again... You live in San Diego haha
  10. Bronco Build for UP Michigan (Need Input)

    I've only heard of Lawrey's? Haven't been there in 13 years but it has all the businesses you'll need. I don't see why some people think it's so isolated that stuff in hard to find. I had someone from D.C. ask me if we had electricity back in 1998. Seriously?
  11. Dash USB / Picatinny

    I think the dash rail will be something you can get in the accessory cataloge through the parts dept. Not with the build. The same will go for most of these 200+ accessories they promised that aren't in the B&P
  12. Bronco Build for UP Michigan (Need Input)

    Black ice. If you just driving in 2H thinking you don't need it. And you loose tracksion; it will put it in 4wd automatically. Probably faster than you can do it yourself. Or maybe you have your hands full if it decides to fish-tail.
  13. Bronco Build for UP Michigan (Need Input)

    Having lived and driven there for half of my life. More ground clearance the better. And pick a trim that has the 4WD automatic on demand system. Disconnent sways isn't needed. Whatever tires it has; get yourself a dedicated set of winter tires. Good tires is the best thing you can do for...
  14. Why is destination charge so much?

    The logistics are a lot more involved than just sticking it on a trailer. They need to be shipped to the rail yard, loaded. Shipped to a nearby destination. Then loaded on trucks and brought to the dealer. Shipping a vehicles a cross a country can take over a week to arrive. It took my currenty...
  15. $850 Mod Bumper + Bash vs Aftermarket thoughts?

    $850 isn't a bad deal. It's basically the prrice difference of the mod bumper less the plastic one. If you were to do aftermarket any metal bumper will be $1200+. Not to mention you have to wait who knows how long to get one.
  16. SAD: I can't afford the new Bronco. :(

    Don't ever go off what any build calculator says for payments. It doesn't factor in dealer doc fee, tax, title/reg or any other fee. Or interest rate which varies from person to person. Your best and most accurate estimate to go to a dealer to give you payment options based off currents rates...
  17. This is baffling, Ford

    I got the opposite. I hard to REMOVE the 2.7L to keep the roof rails & cross bars. One should not effect the other at all. I can't even add the Yakama one either.
  18. Build & Price PRE-GAME (warning: contains a poll)

    I think many of you are thinking it's actually going to be released at 12:01. hahaha. Unlikely if it's like anything else Ford News. Try closer to 8am.
  19. Arizona Buyers

    Anyone brand Camelback always have dealer add-ons. They are notorious for it.