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  1. Pork-n-Bean

    Conversion Percentage from Bronco Reservations to Bronco Sold Orders

    Thinking 30% or less actual people driving away in their Bronco due to three main factors: Duplicate orders getting cancelled People waiting to get what they want (color tops, aftermarket availability, etc.) Sticker shock (now that the hype has worn off) Possibly a fourth factor: Enthusiasts...
  2. Pork-n-Bean

    Accessories HURT$$$

    Just have to accept that you have to "pay to play". This is an expensive, and largely unnecessary, vehicle. It's sort of a luxury item in a way, and luxuries are not found on the bargain aisle. It's expensive, but cool. How much are willing to pay for cool? Each of us have to answer that for...
  3. Pork-n-Bean

    Are the accessories reasonably priced?

    Shortage of accessories and high trim/ accessory prices seem to warrant waiting for a year or two. Especially when compared to competitors. Probably still going to risk a first year model purchase, though. Aftermarket will get there in short order.
  4. Pork-n-Bean

    30’ Box Truck Blocks Engineer Pass - Which One of You Did This?

    Ford should offer Bronco recovery efforts
  5. Pork-n-Bean

    Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    I can appreciate the innovation aspect of this product. I don't think the specs are there to make it competitive to any current offerings (including Cybertruck).
  6. Pork-n-Bean

    New here, probably getting kicked out for first post, but I think the first buyers are making a mistake.

    Seriously doubt enough will even be made in 18-24 months for there to be "tons" of them on used car lots, unless you literally mean tons as weight and not numbers. As the curb weight is reported to be around an average 4300 to 5300lbs... I suppose it is plausible that "tons" of Broncos could be...
  7. Pork-n-Bean

    Out of touch or is it me?

    I think the 50 to 60k asking price for a well equipped Bronco is about 20 to 30k too much. So yes, the Defender is way overpriced, in my humble, blue collar, single household income opinion. That said... I'm still getting a Bronco.
  8. Pork-n-Bean

    Ride Sharing Your Bronco

    If I had a car like a Honda Civic or something, I would consider it. However, with a vehicle that is made to go off-road, there's just too much to go wrong there.
  9. Pork-n-Bean

    Let’s have the discussion... what’s the point of the warthog?

    The point of the Warthog is the same as a 1000hp Mustang, 50 Caliber Barrett rifle or a $100 Steak. Because this is 'Murica and capitalism rocks!
  10. Pork-n-Bean

    2 Door Soft Top

    Aftermarket will provide some creative solutions for your hard earned dollars.
  11. Pork-n-Bean

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Buckle up for the long haul. You'll be slicing your Thanksgiving turkey before BnP shows up.
  12. Pork-n-Bean

    Ford donates a First Edition Bronco to charity auction

    Simply awesome. Fantastic cause, and we need to see some good things happening in the world today!
  13. Pork-n-Bean

    Bronco Build & Price date

    It's getting pushed to November.