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  1. Hands On Walkaround Review of the Bronco Overland Badlands With Sasquatch Package

    since the engine compartment was blanked out, what engine was really in there? 2.3 or 2.7?
  2. Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    i'm okay with fading if they had started from white
  3. How do you wait for “Late Availability”?

    so, for verified late availability items like mansquatch, do we order in december/january, and expect a long wait, or will ford delay entering those orders to sometime in '21 (and somehow keep our reservation number)?
  4. Ford Co-Pilot 360 ranks 3rd best overall according to Consumer Reports

    from the article, the cadillac system was much better at seeing if the driver had eyes open and looking down the road. it also restricted full auto to places with low likelihood of unexpected interactions (like divided highways), unlike the tesla which was quite happy driving full auto on...
  5. Winch w/ mount on B&P

    it looks like it's a fairly permanent installation. it would be great if a front hitch mount was available if you wanted to pursue a removable hitch. would also have to beef up the rear hitch mount to something sturdier than class ii to use the winch to pull backwards instead of forward.
  6. glove box

    as i was pondering where to move the control pack of the warn winch (if i elect to use the factory option), i remembered that large flat vertical expanse on the passenger's side dashboard. is there a glove box or similar storage compartment in that area?
  7. Any information on if the Warn winch will work with the trail camera?

    don't be surprised if the fix is either ford moving the camera onto the winch control housing or ford using a ford specific version of the relocation kit. or they could not allow the winch in the B&P due to GVWR (pretty sure the winch and mod bumper are heavier than the missing Squatch roof rack)
  8. Any information on if the Warn winch will work with the trail camera?

    this kit moves the solenoid/control pack out of the way of the camera. it's a bunch of extra engineering including tweaking the modular bumper or another area to accept the solenoid. i'm sure ford doesn't want to change the modular bumper design to include several additional holes since...
  9. Any information on if the Warn winch will work with the trail camera?
  10. Any information on if the Warn winch will work with the trail camera?

    it definitely works now. beautiful view of the winch solenoid housing. i wonder if ford will add a couple attachment points on the modular bumper allowing for the use of the warn remote solenoid kit.
  11. Delivery Date Problems

    ask FORD to provide a loaner car until your bronco is delivered 😇
  12. Ford: Mitigating the Impending Public Black Eye

    i'm just going to assume that my MY21 mansquatch will be delivered NLT late summer 2022, preferably with white hard top, light interior, heated MGV seats and green paint from the factory. (i have low expectations otherwise)
  13. Donut Door Dreams Aren't Dead!

    I Just want my bronco in that bright green paint. Absolutely no excuses that they didn’t see my vehicle when they run into it
  14. What happens to Unordered First Editions?

    this reasoning is reinforcing the notion that dealers are greedy
  15. What happens to Unordered First Editions?

    and this is why we assume dealers are greedy and should be avoided by use of a cattle prod
  16. factory warn winch: synthetic rope?i

    i'm starting to get whiplash from the differences between what's been show and what's in the B&P
  17. Moose Test

    i love this portion: in reality, the test is rather constructed to simulate, for example, a reversing car or a child rushing out onto the road. ... The moose is common in Sweden, Norway, Finland, northern Russia, Canada, and Alaska, but does not appear in Denmark or Germany. Because of its...
  18. Moose Test

    unless you're in freight liner or similar size vehicle, hitting a moose at 80 mph will result in the moose in the passenger compartment. rollover is a second order issue at that point.
  19. factory warn winch: synthetic rope?i

    i was watching this video from nashville early bronco from the old days at super cel east and noticed that the warn winch displayed is loaded with synthetic rope (~ 2:55 minutes). estaban the brand manager identifies it as the warn zeon 10S. do we really know what the B&P is speccing out...