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  1. Ford - Let us have Kodiak Brown!

    If it's brown flush it down.
  2. tons of new stuff from moab expo on bronco nation instagram

    .22 Hornet and I'm in!
  3. tons of new stuff from moab expo on bronco nation instagram

    For the life of me I don't understand this launch/marketing/communications strategy. I understand generating hype and getting people excited, but over-promise, under-deliver is the feeling I'm getting because of all the inconsistencies and surprises with B&P. There will be case studies on...
  4. My dealer just called to chew me out.

    That's what I'm wondering - how are they going to be able to meet the allocation demand of so many people switching to them?
  5. Updated Color Poll - What color are you ready to order?

    The B&P Cactus Grey renders looks more like Mint Green -- I was sold on CG before - but the new renders look horrible imho -- will have to see it in person - can't possibly be as bad as it looks in B&P.
  6. 500k+ Bronco builds created on Build & Price so far. Here are the configuration stats.

    All I want is the headliner and paint protection on my 2.7 BL Sasquatch. I hope Ford sees all the times they killed my options when I add the 2.7. .
  7. Why? (Sound Deadener Makes You select 2.3L)

    It's the same stuff they use on MRAPs. --- Heavy! --- :)
  8. Why? (Sound Deadener Makes You select 2.3L)

    What weighs more, a winch and mount or headliners? Something is not right with B&P.
  9. B&P is not for ordering, but rather give you an idea of pricing

    If that's the case, I wish they would have allowed you to select legitimate configurations and then give a warning that the render might not be avaiable - rather than excluding legit configurations because they can't render the model.
  10. Why no Roof Rack w/ Badlands and 2.7L

    Ford, let's just get it over with - I'm ready to order!
  11. Why no Roof Rack w/ Badlands and 2.7L

    Just order Sasq, 2.7, MIC with bikini top, and you can have it. ( I think. ) - Too many threads, sorry if this has been answered/disproven.
  12. Sneaky B&P stuff...

    Its a total cluster... Wait, I can't get roof rails and crossbars on a sasquatch? -- I am seriously disappointed. If only the people at FORD put as much effort into getting this rights as they did with building fantasy concept vehicles !
  13. Bronco Event in Seattle Tomorrow (10/23) -- Filson Firecrew Rig at the Filson Store

    Beautiful country! - Would have been funny if they put a real Sasquatch in one of the shots. :)
  14. Bronco Event in Seattle Tomorrow (10/23) -- Filson Firecrew Rig at the Filson Store

    Anyone recognize where they shot this footage?
  15. What Are the Advantages to a Rooftop Tent?

    Locks are good, unless it's this guy that wants your stuff...
  16. Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @aj_benedetto Thanks AJ, I'll be up in Hershey/Harrisburg tomorrow for youth ice hockey -- if I can swing it timing wise between games I'll give you a call and maybe stop by if you're there. You do have one hidden in the back for a test drive right? :)
  17. Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    I'm firing up the kamado and smoking some wings for the big game tonight!
  18. Call your shot: B&P surprises

    Levine's best folks are on it - they've been getting ready for months... I expect 100% snappy uptime! :)