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  1. GK6G

    Article claims Bronco MPG 21 City 26 HWY

    18 gallon tank is noted. I've seen this come up on that search for a few months. I believe that is for the bronco sport. The Big Bronco is a 16 or 20 gallon tank.
  2. GK6G

    Ford Profile- reservations link down-

    Well something is up. The account page has been updated, and my reservation also heads to a Mach-E page. I hope they get it sorted. That Mach-E looks cool, but it's gonna get stuck when I go off-road.
  3. GK6G

    2021 Bronco Will be First in World to Use Fortiform 980 GI Grade Steel

    This made my day. Awesome! is right.
  4. GK6G

    Long Way Up

    That's awesome. I would also really recommend the Overland Journal Podcast, and some of the videos from Expedition Overlands YouTube feed. It's easy to get caught up in gear, but WE spent 25-30 years car camping with a soft sided cooler and a Marmot tent from REI. It doesn't take much to get...
  5. GK6G

    Long Way Up

    We've been waiting to start it. Road Fever is a book along the same lines by Tim Cahill (Outside Magazine, etc.). We've been watching the Expedition Overland Series most recently. All good stuff to light your fire for some vehicle based travel... So much so that we are headed into the San...
  6. GK6G

    Preproduction Frankenstein Bronco that just came off the line at Wayne

    Not sure what it said in the other thread, but the Badlands appears to support the front parking sensors in the non-removable upper portion of the bumper. I’m pretty sure you are right about the fog lights being an aftermarket type of thing (no oem) with the modular bumper.
  7. GK6G

    Let's Be Honest About Our Intended Use

    This is always a good discussion, and I especially like the distinction the Overland Journal guys always make between "need" and "want". The fact of the matter is cars are fun, but no matter where you go, some guy has probably gone the same place in his camry. So then we get into discussions...
  8. GK6G

    Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    So I drove by the hotel last night, and saw 1 black test mule surrounded by RAM pickups in Full Camo in the back parking lot. I got to take a sneak peak at the Bronco, but all the engineers were wrapping up their day, so I didn’t bother them too much. The opportunity for better pictures than...
  9. GK6G

    Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    These Pictures are from MY town. I better get out there and see what I can find. I'll certainly post if I can spot and Grab Pics of these things in the wild. Automakers come here for testing. Even some boat makers on our lake too. We are ~9,000 feet MSL, so it lets them altitude test /...