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  1. Stitches1974

    What’s your bronco backup plan?

    Keep my current ride.
  2. Stitches1974

    Military Precision....

    Funny thing is, is he's still in the military. Direct quote from an officer in his brigade: He was the HHD commander of a sister BN in my brigade at the time. I was a battalion commander then and was very glad he was not my HHD commander! Let me tell you, the then-brigade commander was...
  3. Stitches1974

    iPhone 12 To Match Your Bronco???

    Hard pass with all the issues my sister and her kids have with them ( Iphones ). My brother in-law got tired of it and got an android. :ROFLMAO:
  4. Stitches1974

    Military Precision....

    What about drugged up and crazy officers?
  5. Stitches1974

    Muscle Car Owners Poll

    For me it was no usable back seat and no trunk space. No other complaints with them though. My 19 Challenger, my buddies 16 GT, and his 93 40th anny vette.
  6. Stitches1974

    Sasquatch upgrades besides wheels? Brakes? Steering? Tie rods? CV joints?

    A day late and a dollar short. Has already been posted if you read the thread. Post #20.
  7. Stitches1974

    No Military Discount for Bronco

    The dealer I'll be using will be honoring Xplan pricing if I supply them a pin#. Pins are not vehicle specific. I get my Xplan membership from being injured in the military, so I consider that my military discount. ;)
  8. Stitches1974

    are the LED headlights heated ?

    A light Missouri snow and you can see the buildup starting. Vehicle was always garaged and this pic was taken after a 20 min drive. 99% of my outings were small, short trips into town. I can see the buildup being an issue on longer dives or with heavier snow.
  9. Stitches1974

    Removable roofs and possibility of leaks?

    Previous owner of a hardtop JKU that never leaked. Having been on a Wrangler forum since 2015, most of the leak complaints were user errors. Owners were gorilla gripping the knobs to tighten them too much. They only require a few turns to seat. Improper alignment as well. The dirty seals have...
  10. Stitches1974

    Do all models come with molle panel on back of seats?

    Bartact will be making seat covers for the Bronco and they have MOLLE.
  11. Stitches1974

    Handicapped? Which Model?

    Glad I could help out!
  12. Stitches1974

    Sasquarch roof racks restricted from factory due to issues with GVWR; can still be installed aftermarket

    This thread implies it can be done. " The Cactus Gray Sasquatch Badlands Bronco shows that the front roof panel can be removed without removing...
  13. Stitches1974

    Handicapped? Which Model?

    Not 100% sure, but this is with stock 32" tires and 8.8 inches of ground clearance. Needless to say I didn't have to climb up into it. I just slid right into the seat, with me being 5'9.
  14. Stitches1974

    Handicapped? Which Model?

    Knees are shot, back is shot and a bunch of other service connected disabilities, but I only require a cane, for now. I had no issues getting into my Willys with 32" tires and I'll be going with a BD.
  15. Stitches1974

    What song will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    You sure about that? It did top the list for bagpipe usage in a song.
  16. Stitches1974

    Sasquarch roof racks restricted from factory due to issues with GVWR; can still be installed aftermarket

    Conflicting info now. This guy says the front panels can be removed without removing the rack. Skip ahead to the 4:40 mark.
  17. Stitches1974

    Had to drive the 2.3

    Their subs are great and I love their reubens.
  18. Stitches1974

    Had to drive the 2.3

    They are. 4 locations, but none near me.
  19. Stitches1974

    Had to drive the 2.3

    I never had a 5 guys burger, until the car club I was in had a show in their parking lot. Instant addiction. Best fast food burger I've ever had, but it costs me $12.72 anytime I want to eat there though.