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  1. FishKzor

    Bronco spotted at dealership

    I can verify this info: I'm in AZ, and had to run to Bell Rd Ford to pick up something from the parts department for my Mustang. I chatted up a salesperson, let him know I had a Bronco on reserve there. As I was leaving, another salesperson let me know that they'll have a Bronco onsite on Nov 8...
  2. FishKzor

    Another Sound Deadening Question

    I did some quick sound-deadening research the other day, and found some YouTube reviews for a company called HotHeads that make ones for Jeep. (If what Ford is offering is similar to this, I'm not sure I can justify financing that stuff over the life of the loan. Looks like a pretty simple...
  3. FishKzor

    Conversion Percentage from Bronco Reservations to Bronco Sold Orders

    As of now, I'm sticking with my July 15th reservation. I'm more stressed about having to make an actual concrete decision relating to trim + options vs. cost than bailing on the Bronco altogether. There still isn't another car/truck within the price point I'd rather have.
  4. FishKzor

    Front Grill Material & Interchangeability...

    It's been my understanding from the jump that grills will be interchangeable. I would assume that they'll all be molded plastic, with different finishes/paint (though obviously I can't confirm, and confirmation doesn't seem to hold up with much around here) Once deliveries are taken, we should...
  5. FishKzor

    Signature LED Headlights Aftermarket

    I'm literally having the same conundrum. I'd prefer the marine-grade vinyl from the factory, as upgrading interiors later is a pain, and expensive. I'd think that eventually the parts department at Ford would have to stock the LED Signature lights to repair cars that have been in accidents. BUT...
  6. FishKzor

    Aftermarket LED tail lights

    I'm in the same boat, sorta. I think the the Black Diamond trim is the closest to giving me all that I want, with the exception of the LED Signature Lighting (which is an option under Big Bend, but NOT BD. Huh...why??) Every aftermarket headlight/taillight I've ever bought eventually either...
  7. FishKzor

    Watcha Doing for the Next Hour? (B&P t-60 min)

    I’m watching Supermarket Sweep on Hulu 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. FishKzor


    What are the chances this is a bogus guide created by BN for a Bronco6G sabotage?
  9. FishKzor


    IF I had to guess, BN ran out of time editing their interior walk-through. So instead, they released this document, which wasn't finalized and reviewed multiple times by multiple editors
  10. FishKzor


    I just went over to the BN forums, and clicked on the reference guide, and got an error. Is this due to me not being a member, or have they already removed it to fix mistakes?
  11. FishKzor


    In this case, wouldn't they just ship the roof rack to the dealership along with the Bronco, and have them install it before the customer takes delivery?
  12. FishKzor


    If my (scientific) calculations are correct, a 4-door Wildtrak is only a couple grand more than the 4-door Black Diamond when spec-ed out with the Sasquatch + Auto + 2.7. And the Wildtrak (includes Sasquatch, 2.7 Auto and Mid) includes the signature series lights, painted door handles (though no...
  13. FishKzor

    Build and Price Help for those with questions

    Thank you for offering your services and time, you are brave with this crowd. I have a question because it's something I need to decide on: What are the Pros/Cons of trading in a car versus selling private party and using towards a bigger down payment? (Car is a 2009 Mustang 4.0)
  14. FishKzor

    Everyone needs to CALM DOWN.... Wait B&P Coming soon

    I can't relate to the idea of hurrying back to the forum right after B&P launches to post complaints. That ain't me., I'll be too busy having fun.
  15. FishKzor

    Relationship Between B&P and Color/Materials Walkthrough

    I wasn't referring to you specifically. I'm in the same boat, I don't really care about the timing of the walkthrough video. The B&P interior will take care of 99% of the guesswork out. Some people are acting as if they'll be placing their order tonight 12:02am without ever seeing the interior...
  16. FishKzor

    Relationship Between B&P and Color/Materials Walkthrough

    It doesn't matter if the interior walk-through is posted before or after the B&P. No one is converting their reservation into an actual order until November (maybe) or December (probably). You'll have plenty of time to review both. So I'm not sure what all the vitriol is about.
  17. FishKzor

    Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    It's there, it's in their IG story. Click their avatar.
  18. FishKzor

    What Are the Advantages to a Rooftop Tent?

    I agree. Being here in the southwest desert, snakes and scorpions are real and common threats. Rooftop tents eliminate (mostly) that chance. I won't be getting, as I'm not an avid camper, but I can see the advantage and lure.