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  1. It’s here. June 7th - what’s getting built?

    Did not get the email for unscheduled orders. Last email I got was an order confirmation.
  2. It’s here. June 7th - what’s getting built?

    I've gotten no emails from Ford, but found out I was a priority order on Saturday thanks to my dealer. Dealer says its scheduled for production, but I never got the email with my vin # and build date. All in all, hopefully mine will be built?
  3. Any Dealer Demos showing up yet?

    Any Bronco built in the first quarter of Ford's 2022 production schedule will be a 22MY, however due to high demand, many people will be receiving 22MY Broncos until all orders are delivered. I'd doubt there will be any dealer demos there for the first few months in 2022. Id expect them to start...
  4. Any Dealer Demos showing up yet?

    Most of New England already had a few pre-production demos to sit in and look at, but if you're looking to test drive one, you'd probably have to wait until 2022. This is because Bronco orders are being built and delivered to the dealer to immediately sell, not put up on display.
  5. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    I really really want 16' Weld Roadhawks with 35' TSL Boggers. Love the look of new trucks on old wheels. Note my editing skills aren't the best but I do still drool over this.
  6. Nitto ridge grappler vs BFG KO2

    I've had great experiences with KO2s in the past, I have a friend who's ran them for years on his old D2 rover and now runs 33' KO2s on his 4runner, and we both agree it provides the best comfort between on-road and off-road use. Not to mention they provide great grip in the snow which is...
  7. Not Getting Any Updates From Ford

    Confirmation email came from Ford, and yes, I've checked everywhere I could. Sadly, no luck anywhere. Might try to call Ford customer center if I don't hear anything in the near future.
  8. Not Getting Any Updates From Ford

    Yes, I had converted my order and got the order confirmation email from ford. Since then, heard nothing, not even the 5/28 email which concerns me.
  9. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    Yes, but your rear wiper and defrosters won't be functional as you need a factory hardtop for it to be wired back there.
  10. Not Getting Any Updates From Ford

    Hello everyone, my first thread here, and I thought I'd ask for some help. I have a 7/14 Res date, ordered a sas 2.7 with MIC and towing package hoping to get a 21MY. My recent concern is I haven't gotten any updates from ford, I haven't received my build date, but most importantly, never got...
  11. July 14th Reservation - Order updates

    7/14 9pm Eastern, no email, but I did order the MIC and Towing package.
  12. Ford Bronco Sasquatch do they exist?

    Recent reports state not only sightings of "Sasquatch", but speculation of an evolved, more powerful "Warthog". Areas under threat of this newly speculated species includes MOAB, Utah and Dearborn, Michigan.
  13. Anyone order from Tasca in RI?

    Didn't order from this dealer, but I do mutually know the owner of the dealer (Bob Taska). Unless it's much too late, I could try to help you find any info.
  14. 2.3 vs 2.7 compromise

    I always run regular in my 2.3 EcoBoost. Ford states it will make more power on Premium, but it feels just fine the way I drive it. Plenty of power, 43k miles without a problem, and two cross country and back trips. Assuming the Bronco is heavier and will be beat on a little more, I opted for...
  15. OB Lux Order Info (UPDATED 8/12), Priority 2, Build Week 8/30

    Ordered a fully loaded OBX as well, got a call from the dealer on Saturday telling me they will have info on the order coming soon. Haven't had any emails or word on being a VIP order, but I'm hoping you're right. Guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to know for sure.
  16. Not sure what to think.....

    The backseats were underwhelming, lack of flip-down cup holder/armrest from the middle seat seems to be a big part of the problem in my opinion. I am 5' 10 and I found the seats to be fairly comfortable, but I'm sure you'd get cramped up a bit during a long road trip. It will be suitable for...
  17. Flying debris when going top off?

    I own a 2019 Mustang convertible with almost 43k miles, mostly driven top off. I've driven from Boston, Massachusetts to LA and back with the top of most of the way, and Boston to Miami and back the same way, and I have never had any problems with any debris flying into the interior. Just don't...
  18. 🍍 Pineapple For Scale

    Pretty sure these are the ones I'll be seeing at Quirk Ford tomorrow! Should bring a large pineapple pizza for scale.
  19. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    Hopefully there will be a different Northeastern event. Possibly some part of NH or maybe even the Cape
  20. Shadow Black Outer Banks Bronco Highway Video Action

    Still worried for non-SAS OBX owners and their painted fender flares. The second you leave it unsupervised, boom. Your fender flares are stolen.