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  1. 40 lb. Standard Load (SL) Tire vs. 48 lb. E Rated Tire

    It’s the stock 16” rims that limit your choices for C rated tires, especially in the stock 255/70R16 (31”) size. If you’re OK with larger tires, there are a few LT265/75R16 (32”) C load tires. I recommend considering getting some 17” wheels. I’ve already seen some Black Diamond steel wheels for...
  2. "Dirt mountain" Bronco storage lot - video & pics from today

    It also makes sense from a FIFO view point, since they ran in model batches in the plant for assembly.
  3. Positive news from MAP Ford Employee about MIC top replacements and how they are being handled.

    Can’t argue with statistics. OR can you? Actually, I think your approach is pretty solid. Even adding in a fudge factor, our builds are certainly within the first half. Maybe there is still a remote chance mine will be delivered by mid October, in time for my next planned back country camping trip.
  4. Positive news from MAP Ford Employee about MIC top replacements and how they are being handled.

    Best I recall is Ford started holding the MIC builds mid June (at least in mass), and stopped producing bad tops mid August. That puts mine in the middle, but I like your thinking.
  5. Positive news from MAP Ford Employee about MIC top replacements and how they are being handled.

    Either way shouldn’t affect when mine gets a new top, since my 7/15 blend is more or less in the middle of the herd.
  6. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    Naw, they only pulled the front panels off to let the interiors dry out! LOL
  7. Other Moab Must-do's?

    G6 Broncos will fit easily through that narrow gap. My brother-in-law took his full sized Yukon through it more than once. He had to fold in the mirrors, but it cleared. BTW, the Elephant Hill trail now requires a permit as well. I recommend getting a pass in advance rather than hoping there...
  8. Predictions since the MIC 2.0 is now ready, and going out.

    And, I bet, most of us on this forum aren’t very concerned about it either.
  9. MIC Countdown

    I think you're onto something. I just pulled up my window sticker (updated today) and see " MIC-005033 ". This will be great, if correct, because once vehicles are released to ship we can start a countdown. EDIT: Nope. I just pulled up my original window sticker and it has the same data. Bummer!
  10. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Don’t know if you’re serious or not, but good lluck with that. Quality bicycles are even harder to come by.
  11. Bronco Team 2 door.

    If your 2D is scheduled to be built mid October, that’s also great news for those of us with built 2Ds waiting for new hard tops, since they are supposed to be replaced before any new hard top builds. I’m hoping and dreaming too. Good luck!
  12. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I totally agree. I bought 5 Alpha Delta wheels (17x8.5 +35 offset) and will buy a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss ATs (33x12.50) some time soon after delivery. I like the Alpha wheels as they have a dual valve stem, with the TPMS protected, and a ribbed tire seat to help reduce tire spin when...
  13. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Hey! Looks like they sent mine to you by mistake. I’ll come get it this weekend. Joking aside, looks like mine will be—assuming it survives dirt mountain. Although, I already have aftermarket wheels and will be shodding it with 33s. Enjoy it!
  14. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I’m curious. Is your’s already built and waiting (at dirt mountain) for a new top or did you get an October/November build date? Please elaborate on why you believe you’ll have yours by Thanksgiving.
  15. First Edition Broncos w/ MIC hard tops start to schedule again with mid-October production estimate

    Entirely believable and explains why issues were not identified until mass production started.
  16. Ground Clearance Difference 2.3L and 2.7L Chassis

    This great news to me, as some day (assuming the Dirt Mountain doesn't fall on it or the field mice eat it) I'll have a 2 door, 2.3L.
  17. Miller Hill / Mineral Basin UT trip in my Badlands

    Wow. Sounds like the trail has seen considerable erosion since I last ran it. Maybe the clearance won't be as much of an issue as I thought, especially since mine will be a 2 door. I know Red Rock 4 Wheelers rating system well (we used to be regular participants). It's a good general guide. I...
  18. The Definitive Guide to 2021+ Bronco Ride & Lift Heights with Wheel & Tire Sizes

    Excellent suggestion. I was just reading a post from a fellow Utahan that beat the underside of his Badlands driving what I would consider a moderate trail (Mineral Basin). That extra clearance will be needed!
  19. Miller Hill / Mineral Basin UT trip in my Badlands

    @ChrisD Thanks for sharing. I live in Utah as well. It's been many years since I played in Mineral Basin. Last time I tried, it was a UTV zoo so we aborted the trip. Since then I've stayed away. Your experience has me seriously doubting that the 6G Bronco is suited for me. If a Badlands hits...
  20. The Definitive Guide to 2021+ Bronco Ride & Lift Heights with Wheel & Tire Sizes

    Please forgive me if this was already covered in the 15 pages herein. Once it's released from Dirt Mountain, I'll have a 2-Door Black Diamond. I'm planning to shod it with either LT285/70R17s or LT33x12.50R17s soon after I take delivery. Based on early reports, either should fit fine when...