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  1. 2022 Bronco gets "Capable Bumper" option. Comes standard on Black Diamond and Badlands

    This should replace / kill the standard bumper... no reason to opt for plastic vs steel as far as I can tell.
  2. Ceramic Coating the Bronco

    I’m afraid to do “real ceramic” at home, the little bottle of liquid. If you screw it up it’s a bitch to fix. I’ve been using Chemical Guys HydroSlick followed by HydroCharge with great results. Doesn’t last as long but much easier to work with.
  3. Who's ready to tap out?

    I’m looking at an E46 wagon for. Safari build. That would buy me 24 months of entertainment while this Bronco shit sorts itself out.
  4. Dealer installed tow package, beware of cost

    Got it - so figure $250-$300 for parts and labor that's not horrible.
  5. Dealer installed tow package, beware of cost

    Did they give you any idea on the install cost for just the hitch?
  6. Dealer installed tow package, beware of cost

    On the flip side, if you don't care about the wiring and just want the hitch for a bike rack or whatever sounds like dealer install may be the way to go...
  7. Line in the sand ⏳

    Totally agree. I had a deposit down on an Audi years ago, saw it at the Chicago auto show and was "meh" on it, walked over to BMW saw their comparable and ordered one on the spot. Vehicles have to do what you need them to do, beyond that it's about the warm and fuzzies.
  8. Line in the sand ⏳

    This is literally my plan, whichever shows up first the Bronco I ordered or a new Toyota FJ if they launch that and I can get my hands on one sooner. I'd probably prefer the FJ.
  9. [Doug Demuro Reviews] Ford Bronco Is the Hottest SUV of the Year

    Depending on how the P400 and G550 are equipped compared to the Bronco, they're what +$25K and +$100K compared to the Bronco? Very respectable Doug Score for the Bronco taking that into account.
  10. Levine posts Manual Sasquatch image and close-up of Warthog/Raptor Bronco camouflage

    Ha. The only thought I had seeing this was “post a picture of a MiC top that isn’t f*cked up, or better yet a video of the factory cranking them out at volume without issue.”
  11. 2 Door, 2.3L, BD Audio Upgrade Build (Thread)

    Awesome. I'm likely fine doing 95% of this install myself but may have a few things crop up along the way... fair warning I may show up with a few wiring connections that require attention ;) My current setup I used Bavsound speakers throughout (BMW-specific plug and play) along with an...
  12. 2 Door, 2.3L, BD Audio Upgrade Build (Thread)

    A few questions... If one wanted to avoid fabrication it would be OK to do your exact setup but with just 6 coax speakers e.g. 2 pairs C2-400X and single pair of C2-600X? Or would a 6-channel amp then be required? I'm in HBG every couple of months, up for a meet / listening session perhaps...
  13. Marine Grade Vinyl Upkeep

    I've been using this for years on leather, vinyl and interior plastics...
  14. Ford shows off Bronco R build (Brick Style) - Lego Set

    Could be vaporware. Some Ford engineers went full geek and built their own Lego Bronco, unclear if it's actually being developed / sold as a set.
  15. Ford shows off Bronco R build (Brick Style) - Lego Set

    This has been available for quite some time, hasn't it? There are rumors of a large Bronco as well...
  16. Base Outer Banks 2021 Bronco Speakers Upgrade Tutorial -- With Stereo Wiring Diagram

    From my current cars (BMWs) wiring goes from car to kick panel, then kick panel to tweeter (in this case would be dash). Seems like a pretty common wiring setup. Speakers are easy, my biggest questions relate to the amp. Is there a standalone amp or is it buried in the head unit? Assuming...
  17. Base Outer Banks 2021 Bronco Speakers Upgrade Tutorial -- With Stereo Wiring Diagram

    I always keep stock stuff packed up in storage, who the hell knows if you ever have an issue someday always nice to go back to factory if there's ever a warranty repair.
  18. Base Outer Banks 2021 Bronco Speakers Upgrade Tutorial -- With Stereo Wiring Diagram

    Those still require some DIY to pin and insert the wires right, then crimp on the appropriate connectors on the other end? I've inserted pins into connectors before it's fiddly and kind of a PITA to do for just a few pieces. Would be happy to pay someone a premium to get everything ready to go...
  19. Dealer has mannequin won't let people test drive it...

    Yep, that's the one! Was a nice setup (aside from no auto 4x4). I took it a few exits up the highway and back... I wasn't concerned about off road performance, 10x more capable than I need. Manners at speed for a non-Sasquatch V6 was my main concern along with cabin noise... I take a lot of work...