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  1. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    Is it really a perk to have your own spot? That’s the last thing I’d want. If you’re late or out of the office, everyone knows.
  2. Reveal Bronco - Different Rear Suspension Components

    “Upside down” orientation, different doesn’t equal automatically wrong. It’s an inverted shock design, handles alot more sideways forces, especially in high speed off-road application like rallying where they are subject to extreme rough track/race conditions.
  3. What should I do with my FE reservation?

    That’s a nice looking RV. Always wanted an Airstream myself, but they’re so expensive.
  4. Changing my order (already)

    What’s the damage, w/TTL.
  5. I may be giving in.

  6. Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    I don’t live in CO. But if the group needs more more car to meet the bulk ship rate, I’m interested. I have an October reservation and will fly out to Denver for pick up, from LA. Let me know...looking for a shorter flight and drive back.
  7. Names that don't make any sense.

    Hyundai Kona is worse. In Portuguese, it sounds like “Cona”, slang for vagina.
  8. Full-time 4x4 vs part-time

    AWD does not power 4 wheels all the time. Most awd design today are so advanced, you think you’re driving fwd or rwd until you hit a slippery patch. Then black magic happens, power is cut to the wheel slipping & applied to the wheel with traction. Fuel economy is negligible.
  9. Which mods will void warranty ?

    Your RTT, Lithium generator, ARB fridge...reckless driving.
  10. If people back out of reservations, are dealers free to sell their unused allocation to anyone ?

    no not me. I’m referring to the unethical SoCal dealers charging 10k+ markup.
  11. If people back out of reservations, are dealers free to sell their unused allocation to anyone ?

    Who is going to prevent so call “reservation” sell in the second hand market with delivery miles?
  12. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    usually crushed, but some are donated to tech schools for educational purpose.
  13. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    Not true, they actually all have VIN on them for documentation/paperwork and proper registration trail for tracking purpose. How’s Ford going to prove to the DMV that each and everyone is accounted for when they junk them?

    yes, standard is 8” screen but also available with the 12”. OP wants to know the why pic shows a larger screen.

    Truth in advertising, brought to you by “rockstars”.
  16. BIG TIRES SUCK! And Here's Why :-)

    I don’t think big tires suck, they’re designed for a purpose. It’s the the end user’s poor decisions that suck.